Once A Tomboy …

I will be the first to admit that I am far from your “girly girl.”  Far, far, far away from that.  First impression when you look at me is that I’m your average woman, but if you look deeper you will see that I’m a true tomboy.

Tomboy, by definition, is a girl who dresses and sometimes behaves the way boys are expected to, often into more masculine things like “stronger” sports, computers, or cars.   Tomboy refers to a female whose behavior is free from the restriction of unwritten societal gender rules. She doesn’t think she is being boyish or girlish, she is being herself.  Girls are typically called a tomboy when something is done that requires physical strength or when playind and one doesn’t mind getting dirty or injured if that goes with the game.  Tomboys are usually heterosexual by instinct and choice. Tomboys are usually willing to fight if necessary & tend to be fearless though not stupid in that respect. They are intolerant of bullies and tend to step in to balance uneven situations. Warrior-like in an honorable way. (Urban Dictionary.)

I have always identified myself with the tomboy mentality.  As a child, I was the one always running around, riding my bicycle, preferring to be dressed in pants versus dresses, preferring tennis shoes over those patent leathers.  You could find me dressed in a dress with tube socks and tennis shoes.  Imagine my mother’s horror – brings back such precious memories for me!

As I grew into an adult, you can still find me like this, just a little more refined.  Wardrobe … haha.  You can find me in my gym clothes, or in my scrubs.  Standard outfit for me.  I love my jeans and t-shirts. Don’t be fooled into thinking that I won’t wear a dress or something girly … they’re in my closet.  I don’t mind getting dressed up or wearing a dress.  Lots of skirts, dresses, and girlish tops, but for the majority of the time I’m in those shorts, jeans, and t-shirts.  Heels and I are not friends.  My shoe collection consists of athletic shoes, or Vans, or flipflops.

I’m the woman who doesn’t wear a lick of make up.  For one, I’m not one to take the time to do it,  secondly, I don’t know or care to learn how to put it on, and lastly, I’m so active that make up just gets in the way.  I’ve tried, and I do slap it on when I feel like it, but generally, on an ordinary day you will always find me fresh faced, just moisturizer.

As for my hair … Forget it.  I am not one to schedule elaborate hair appointments at the salon – I tried it, but it’s just not really “me.”  If it takes too much time, please, don’t even bother to style or cut it, just trim up my bangs please.  Gotta have my bangs!  =)  You will find me with my hair up in a pony tail, or with it just loose with it’s many waves … I just can’t see spending a lot of time doing hair and make up.

I sound as if I would be a great candidate for What Not To Wear, or some other make over show!!!  I wouldn’t go … I may, albeit kicking and screaming the entire way!

About the only thing “girly” that you will find about me is my vast collection of Coach purses!  Oh … I love those purses.  Many of them are in the color purple and that makes me happy … =)  Haha … but even on most days you will only find me with my little Coach wristlet along with my gym gear, no purse to be found!

I don’t really give much thought to what people think of me.  I have always been my own person, not really conforming to the “norm.”  I’m happy in my own skin and that’s all that matters.  I know exactly who I am and I am okay with me.  I have lots of friends who are girly girls, or divas … and I love my friends.  I wouldn’t ask them to change for me, nor would I change for them.  My husband accepts me as I am – always has.  He has never asked me to change.  My own daughter is a girly-girl and I love her as she is.

Tomboy … yep … that’s Row.  Once a tomboy … ALWAYS a tomboy!  Deal with it.

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