Marathon Training – Week 7 – The Middle

So here I am … Hard to believe that I’m already into Week 7 of my marathon training.  I’m slowly finding my footing again, as I’m starting to hit the pavement and get back into the groove of training.  My theme song of the week has been Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle.  (Listen to it here). I love this part of the lyrics:

Hey, you know they’re all the same You know you’re doing better on your own, so don’t buy in.  Live right now, yeah, just be yourself.  It doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else.”

It was on my playlist for the Keep Moving Forward 10k.  It’s perfect for the weeks of blah that I’ve been having, something to remind myself to be true to me and to do what I need to do, not what others think I should do.

My Kinvara2s with Row. Flair!
Not even half of the Tempo Shorts that I own ...
Most FAVORITE running tops ever!

It’s been a good week.  Through one of my Twitter buddies I got a heads up and great discount from Running Wharehouse!  Score!  I got a new pair of Saucony Kinvara 2s in black and I paired them up with some awesome laces that I’ve had, and I got some crazy Saucony Hattori’s …. Soooo comfy, both of them!  So … two pairs of shoes for so much LESS than what I would’ve paid for one, and FREE shipping!  I also got a 25% off coupon from Sport Authority so I headed on over there got another pair of Nike Tempo shorts and another one of the racerback running tops that I love from Nike!  You can’t ever have too many shoes or tempo shorts or racerback tops, right?

Sunday:  Cory and I planned to start the week off with a *bang!*  We were going to meet at 0700 and run about 9.  That was the plan, but life got in the way.  Actually, our lack of sleep got in the way, and we both ended up texting each other at 0600 to tell each other we were tired.  No biggie, we agreed to run in the evening.  We met at 1915, the weather was gorgeous, perfect.  We started off not really knowing where we were going or where we were running to.  We were just going to run.  Okay … We’ll just run, and run we did until it started to get dark … FAST … and Cory says, “Why didn’t we wear our headlamps?”  Seriously, why didn’t we?!?  We started getting a little faster as it got darker.  Fun!  We got towards Cory’s house and we both agreed that 4 was good.  Not quite our goal, but we were out there and we had a good time.  The weather was perfect at that hour, but it was just too dark!  Had we thought to wear our headlights, wear reflective gear, or had actual street lamps that were on, it would’ve been a different story.  It was a good run, regardless.  Any run that we can get in is a good run!

Monday:  You would have found me at AMAA/CVAA.  OMG!  I’m sure Nina was trying to kill me!  Whoa!  But you know me … I love that kind of “torture!”  My cardio workout was INTENSE!  Holy cow!  Running, sprawling drills, push ups, squats, pulsing squats, running with the med ball, jacks with jabs, planks, and med ball core!  Wow!  As if I didn’t think that was enough of a workout, I went home and ran 3 miles and added my own Row. “flair” to it … Run one mile, 10 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 mountain climbers … run another mile, do the circuit again, then run that last mile and do the circuit one last time.  3 miles, 3 circuits of insanity!  Yep …

Tuesday:  I had a lot of excuses to not meet Cory.  I could think of sooooo many, but NONE were good.  Not one.  So I did what I always do … I got out of bed, I got dressed, ate some breakfast, and headed on out the door to meet my beautiful friend.  Then my friend, Madeline, posted this on my FaceBook page …

Oh Maddy … Thank you so much for this.  I really needed that little boost!  I really had NO excuses so I did go out and got’er DONE!  Cory and I had a great time, although it was a bit HOT towards the end.  Our goal was to run 5 at least.  So we got to mile 3, and we started saying, “Let’s run to ‘that’ stop light.” or “Let’s run to ‘that’ light post.”  Our goal was to make it to Target, we made it to Target, 3.6 miles … then we walked for less than half a mile and started up again.  Like I said, it started to get hot, so we ran to find shade, then we ran a little faster because we were done.  It was such a good run.  Total mileage including our little walk break was 6.6 miles!  Our “long” run for the week was out of the way.  Yea!!  That run kicked my behind!  Oh boy.  I can tell that my lack of sleep had caught up to me, and it literally knocked me out for the rest of the day until my kiddos got home and I had to get ready for work!  But I’m encouraged that my mojo makes an appearance here and there, letting me know that I’m okay!

Wednesday:  I did it again … I headed off to AMAA for another ass kicking workout!  OMG!  It was a workout with “cuffed” legs, lots of squats, lateral movement, backwards running, sprints, push ups with a partner, squats with knee raises, jacks, “skaters” with those dang cuffs still on, planks, and geez … Whatever else we could fit in.  I got home and I made it a short run.  2.5 miles total.  Slow, but it’s all about the mileage.  Nothing fancy today, just a slow, relaxing run.

Thursday:  I almost made today a rest day.  I wanted to do nothing so bad … I stayed up too late on Wednesday, then I got up early in the morning to meet my friend Rosa for breakfast.  I love Rosie.  She lost her son 7 weeks ago and it breaks my heart that she is suffering.  I just wanted to see her, spend a little time with her.  She told me that she made it to Fleet Feet earlier in the week and that her husband got her some new shoes.  Her goal is to run the Stockton Half Marathon, and my friends Cory and Melinda have decided to run beside her as it will be her first half.  We also comitted to Muddy Buddy!  Yep!  We are Team Nucking Futs!!! It’s gonna be fun!  Rosie and I have trained together in the past, and  this will be our third Muddy Buddy together.  I also had a class at work.  It kinda sucked the life outta me so I took a nap until my kiddos came home then Chris and I took them to the Chiropractor.  Yep!  My kids love the Chiropractor and they asked to go!  I’m still not sure if I’m gonna go workout at that point, my family was just hangin’ around, but I posted a tweet that said I was gonna go … so … I kinda committed myself to show ’cause I can’t look like an ass.  Wow!  Within 15 minutes of working out I wanted to puke.  My trainer, Mikey, had me running with a heavy med ball – push it out in front, then take it up over head and hold it there.  Jump squats with that ball, knee raises with that stupid ball, push ups, jack knives with the ball, planks, burpees, running, running, running … drop and sprawl with three push ups, get up and run some more … Yeah.  I wanted to puke … but I didn’t.  I left it all on the floor, and ended up with a massive endorphin rush!  And just so everyone knows, that medicine ball IS my friend.  Yeah … I’m glad that I went!

Friday:  Finally … A rest day.  I wasn’t going to, I was going to go work it out, but instead I had a breakfast date with my old friend and workout buddy, Debbie.  I love Debbie.  She and I met at AMAA, we both taught Cardio Kickboxing, and we worked out together – doing things like Krav Maga, running, P90X, etc.  This morning she wanted to pick my brain about hosting a 5 and/or 10K run to help raise funds for Helping Hands of Stockton.  She said that she asked me because 1) she knows that I love to run, and 2) she believes that I know how these events worked.  We ended up talking for a long time, and brainstormed a bunch.  I surprised myself with all the ideas that I came up with.  I seriously have an entire notepad full!  In the next couple months we’ll be researching and talking to a lot of people to see exactly what it would take to make this a reality.  I’m excited.  We also made plans to meet to workout and train in the upcoming weeks.  I think I talked her into running the Stockton Half Marathon also.  Oh, how I love my friends!  Funny how I get “roped” into these things, but I serious enjoy it, as health and fitness are my passions, and I LOVE that my friends think of me when something fitness related comes about.  So … even though it was a rest day, it was a very productive, happy day for me.  It also starts my three day work weekend … eek …

Saturday:  It’s been a long night … I’ve been up all night working and I have every reason to not do anything at all today except sleep and get ready for another night shift.  I’m not sure what’s on my schedule, but I believe that I’ve hit all my mileage for this week.  I know better than to go home after work.  I know better than to do that because I know what happens … I go to sleep.  The one rule that I follow usually is that if I need to get the work done, I don’t go home after working all night.  I bring my clothes to work with me, in fact, I travel with workout gear ALL the time.  I keep it in my Rolling Gym (aka The Mini) at all times – workout gear, shoes, med ball, jump rope, weights, resistance bands, etc.  It’s all in my lil’ Rolling Gym.  But I was tired, and I went home … and I went to sleep … just. like. that.

Working a 12 hour night shift can kick your butt.  I’ve been doing it for over 21 years, and over that last couple years it’s been wearing on me.  It’s a combination of my amped up workouts, me getting older, and the work that I do getting to me.  I’m on my feet for the majority of my 12 hours.  If I’m lucky there’s lag time, but most times I’m so busy running around!  My body is usually always right though, I know that I needed that sleep.  And if you’re wondering, I don’t fantasize about taking a day shift position.  Ever.  I am one true nocturnal being.  Always have been, always will be.

That’s week 7 for me.  Keepin’ it real and doing my own thang! My friend, Ly, gave me a groupon for a month’s free of unlimited workouts at a local Cross Fit, so I’m adding that into the mix here soon.  I’m so thankful for my friends that think of me and give me head up on great deals, and share their coupons, etc.  I’m also thankful for my Coach SpeedySasquatch who still, to this day, checks up on me and sends me running drills when I ask for them, and gives me much needed pep talks/encouragement.  He’s the BEST!

I’ve got a full week already scheduled for Week 8 which includes running the stadium with my friends Becky and Bazooka Joe, and the SF Giants Half on Saturday!  Yippee!  I can’t wait to see my friends Judy, and Mel, and my friend, Shiloh … she’s bringing me cookies from her bakery!  Life is good … running makes it better.

Consider supporting me as I run for those who cannot … I’m raising funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society in honor of my beloved Father as Team Running For Dad … Check out my fundraising page here .  It’ll be my 4th year raising funds for them!  NWM is a great race, but the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Making Cures Happen is a great cause.

Have a great week, everyone.  Remember … Train hard, but train smart, and have FUN!

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