Marathon Training – Week 14 – Countin’ Down

Heeeeerrreee we go … Time to start countin’ down.  I think there’s 8 or 9 weeks left until CIM.  As you can tell I’m *that* excited to be counting down … Oi Vey! Who or WHAT posessed me to sign up for this marathon, I don’t even remember, but I know that I don’t ever want to run one again.  I’ll run halves.  I love the half.  But a full … It will take a lot of convincing and bribery, and you better just offer me cash … a LOT of $$$ cash $$$ … but I don’t think that would even make me blink an eyelash!  I pray to God that I just get through CIM … I am thankful for my health, and my ability to move and run.  Just the thought of running 26.2 miles in one running session … You know that I haven’t forgotten my last one yet, or the one before that, or the one before that … Their memories are ingrained in my mind and they say that you have to forget your last marathon before you run the next … Ugh!  In that case, I’m in some deep doo doo, people!

Sunday:  It’s been a rough weekend.  Not really rough, but busy, and I’ve been tired from lack of sleep just from working at night.  This morning I made it as far as changing into my gym clothes at work, but I drove home … and I fell asleep with all my gym clothing on, even my shoes!  LOL!  So … In the afternoon, after eating, I hopped on my spin bike for 30 minutes and rode fairly hard.  That’s all I got for ya though.  30 measly minutes on my spinner!  But it’s something.  10 miles is something, okay!  So there!  Was I envious of my friends who ran the Urban Cow Half Marathon?!  Oh, no, no, no … I was not! =)  I was happy to be sleeping in my warm and comfy bed!

I had my hubby pull down my bike in an effort to get it ready for Muddy Buddy next Sunday!  Rosa and I have used this bike every time we’ve done Muddy Buddy in the past, and I’m looking forward to this year’s race again.  I’m sad thought that my hubby won’t be with us.  He’s always been with me.

Monday:  Back to the ole grind …  I hit that gym with a vengence this morning!  I got off work, thinking that I would just get dressed and drive over towards that way – that’s always the plan, and I always know that I’ll 99.9% get out of my little car and get myself in that gym.  It was fun to see my family drive up to meet me, albeit that my Nathan was not a fan of getting up *that* early in the morning!  I am the same way.  Hard as I might, I try to trick myself into believing that it’s going to be “easy, ” and that I’ll be okay.  It never is, but it was a good workout none the less!

The Warm-Up:
800m Run
10 leg swings – front and side
10 knee to chest
10 alt quad stretches
20 opp heel reaches
(Easy so far, right?)

Front Squats – find max weight and do 3 sets of 5. It tool me a minute to find my “max” weight of 105 lbs! So … I messed around doing a few reps at various weights until I found it. That’s a lot of squatting and with the weight right in front of your throat – ugh! Lol!

The Work Out:
As Many Reps As Possible in 20 mins
6 Pull Ups
3 Handstand Push Ups
4 Clean & Jerks
I did 11 reps. Ugh! I wanted to do more but started to fatigue towards the end!

Nice workout. My boys did 50+ pull ups, rope climbs, and wall jumps! I love how Noah used NO legs at all for the rope climb! Geez! Chris did the same beginning workout as the boys – burpees and dumbbell pushes, then he did ring pull ups, and then hit the rower! Yikes!

Tuesday:  Nope.  I got nothin’ today.  No mileage.  No crazy workout to post.  I had a dental appointment in the morning, and I worked my Princess Shift in the afternoon.  So, unless you count the massive amounts of walking that I do at work, I really have no data for you, and I’m okay with that.

Wednesday:  We were ready.  Noah and I got up early and hit the 209 together, with Grace as our tag-a-long!  We got up early, just us as Nathan was dead to the world asleep and Chris was sleeping after working all night. Noah and I had a great workout, and I wish that we were able to get a pic of us in our handstand positions doing Hand Stand Push Ups! It would’ve been a great pic!

The Warm-Up:
Run to Davis

Overhead Cleans – perfect the move. Used 55#
Sounds so easy, and once you get the move, it’s okay, but getting it down is something else.

The Workout:
Row for 30 calories
30 OHS (Over Head Squats)
100 Double Unders/100 lateral jumps
30 HSPU (Hand Stand Push Ups)
60 GHD Sit Ups/120 Regular Sit Ups
30 Ground to Overheads
30 CTB Pull Ups
30 Burpee Lateral Jumps

800m run to warm down.

Fun, fun, fun workout. I love – really LOVE – Hand Stand Push Ups.

Thursday:  It was kind of a crazy day for me. I worked all night, and slept a little … I woke up too early – noon, and I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. Ugh. So … at 1430, I said that I may as well get out of bed and get my workout on. Surprisingly, the family was ready to go – the family WANTED to go … so who am I to say no. Off we went!

The Warm-Up:
Run 800m
10 walking lunges each side
20 hanging kips
20 KBS

2 min Ring Plank
2 min L Sit
15 Skin The Cats
2 min Ring Support

The Work Out:
Run 400m
25 KBS (26#)
Run 400m
25 R Arm DB Snatch (12#)
Run 400m
25 L Arm DB Snatch (12#)
Run 400m (x2, I ran an extra with Chris)

This workout was actually FUN! I seriously enjoyed myself while I “skinned the cat!” I had so much fun. At one point I wish I could’ve gotten a pic of Nate, Noah, and I all skinnin’ the cat, but alas, I’m not great at working out with a camera!  I know you’re all wondering “WTH’s a ‘skin the cat’ move?”  Here you gooo …  

The workout itself was exhausting but fun. I was only behind Noah by about 20 seconds. Nate was behind me by over a minute – his excuse? “I can’t run in the rain.” Ugh. I watched Chris struggle a little, but he worked hard. I ran his last 400 with him. Like I said, today was FUN! Can’t wait for tomorrow … I hear it’s gonna SUCK!!!

Friday:  Remember yesterday when I woke up too early?  Well, yeah, I paid for it today.  I was exhausted beyond belief.  So what do you think I did?  I did absolutely NOTHING!  All I did today was find some dri-fit long sleeved shirts for Rosa and I and I got them personalized for Muddy Buddy!!!  I was thankful to have found someone to personalized them for me on such short notice.  =)  My family went to workout today and I was kinda sad that I was too tired to go!  =[  Some weeks are just worse than others.  It’s always like that for me!

Saturday:  Heading out to San Jose with my friend Claudia today!  In case you’re keeping track … I got no data for you.  I jacked up my left shoulder at Thursday’s workout with the dumbbell presses.  The range of motion isn’t the greatest and I’m kinda worried about it.  This week hasn’t been the best in terms of working out or for mileage, but I’m not worried.  I know me and I’m good with what I’ve got.  I’ll make up for it, no worries.  I’m gonna head out to San Jose and have a great time.  I’m happy that my Rosie will be there as my partner, as well as my workout buddy, Becky, with her partner Pamela as Team Muddy Mothers, and my friends Felisa and Claudia as Team Sassy, and my buddy Melissa and her friend Sondra as Team Muddy SnM … It’s gonna be a great event.  This will be Muddy Buddy #5 or 6 for me.  I’ve done it every year for awhile and I just love it!!!  =)

That’s my week 14 for ya.  Kinda weak, but it’s more than most people do.  It’s been a good week, regardless.  I know that when I did workout, I did workout to 100%.  So it’s not wasted!  4 workouts, all good.  I must get my shoulder worked out.  Healthy people sometimes don’t realize all the muscles that are used when they’re healthy and all working in order.  When we get injured it really makes you appreciate your body and all it does for you.  I’m very thankful for my little body. I’m very thankful and blessed to be very healthy and firing on all cylinders 99.9% of the time.  So … it’s okay that my shoulder is a little tweaked.  I’ll stretch it out and go see my Chiro and get a massage.

That being said … be good to yourself.  Be good to your body … it’s the only one that you have.  Take care of it and yourself.  Train HARD, but train SMART and have FUN!!!  Week 15’s gonna be a GREAT week.  I can feel it!  Lots of things happening like the “Special Row. Workout” that my trainer promised me!  Yeah!  I love my trainer … did I tell you that?  He’s awesome even when he does kick my ass.  That’s what he’s supposed to do!  =)

One week until Nike Womens Marathon.  Won’t you please consider sponsoring me as I run in memory of my beloved Father?  You can donate here at my personal link …  It’s for a great cause.   Can’t wait to run with my girls!  =)

K … catch ya’ll next week!  Have a great one!

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