Updated Racing & Workout Schedule

Here it is, the second quarter of 2012!  Yikes, where have the last three months gone? It’s been a great year so far, can’t complain.  I’ve been doing what I love and having a great time with some awesome people.

I’m ramping up my training schedule, people! Time to get even more serious about what I’m doing and put more thought into what I desire to achieve and how I’m going to get the results I desire!  I have a ton of aspirations and goals, and believe you me, I am going to attain all of them!!!

If you’re looking for me during the week, you can find me in the mornings with my gal pals Alexis, Lisa, and Becky, along with our BAD A$$ trainer, Gabe Subry, in the box at Cross Fit 209 Sport.  This is a great box to workout in, and we have a lot of fun as we get fit and super strong.

In the evenings, when I’m not working, you can find me at Central Valley Krav Maga/American Martial Arts Academy.  I’ve been a member here for 10 years now, and I love the atmosphere and the people!  The instructors are awesome, and I truly have made some great friends here.  It’s a great place to workout your frustrations, build your confidence, and just have FUN!

With that being said … This next quarter of my running brings me to some really great venues!

Starting off on April 1st, we’ll head off to Elk Grove for the Inaugural Running of The Elk Half Marathon.  This should be a fun little event.  I’m looking forward to seeing my friend, Shiloh, and running with Chris!

The following Saturday, I’ll be heading off to Hollywood with my gal pal, Alexis, to run the Inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon!  How cool is this?!? Running with the stars, down the walk of fame, and a Red Carpet finish? I’m really excited about this race!

On the 21st, Alexis and I and our boys, Connor and Noah, will be making an appearance at the NorCal Survivor Mud Run in Lathrop.  3.5 miles and 16 obstacles!!! Yeah!  TONS of people are going to be at this crazy venue, and I’m excited to see how it all plays out.

The next day, Chris and I will head up to Calistoga to run the Inaugural Napa Valley Silverado Half Marathon.  I am certain that I am in for a treat for this run.  It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL venue!

Finishing off the month, I’ll run the Asparagus Festival’s Great Spear It Run 5k! I’m looking forward to running this crazy race with my gangsta gal, Erika Rae!  She’ll get me in top speed condition! Lots of inaugural races in April.  It’s sure to be a great month!

May will bring me to San Francisco as I run the The Diva Race Half Marathon with my friend Rosie.  This will be Rosie’s first half, and I am honored to be running beside her.  She’s worried, but I am sure that she will do far better than she expects.  It’s going to be a fun weekend!

Next, you’ll find me in Fresno on the weekend of the 20th for my oldest son’s college graduation (yes, I did say COLLEGE) and for the 2nd annual California Classic Weekend! I ran this fun half last year which took the runners on a nice little tour of Fresno.  My favorite part was running thru the zoo!  So much fun!

Then I’ll close off the month with a crazy 10K run on Memorial Day for the Stockton Rotary’s Run to Eradicate Polio.  Last year I ran with Erika and had a really fun run.

In June, we’re heading up to So Cali!!!  It’s the beginning of summer vacation, so we thought we’d take the kids up to the beach.  Chris and I will be running the Ojai to Ocean Half Marathon!  I may consider changing this to a full marathon, but I haven’t decided just yet.  It’s all up in the air as of yet. I’m registered for the half for sure which will be a great run regardless!  That and I can’t wait to spend some time at the beach!  =)

I’m considering running the inaugural She Rocks The Trails run in mid June along with my pals Alexis, Becky, and Lisa!  If not this race, we can always run Brazen Racing’s Trail Quake Half Marathon which is part of their Ultra Half Series!  Either one will be a FUN venue!

If you’re looking to keep up with me and my crazy adventures, you can always find my racing schedule here at My Racing Schedule.  I update this site regularly. It’s a great tool to use, it’s easy and it’s free on iTunes! You can also find me on Daily Mile and on Bia.com!  =)

That being said … I’ll do what I always do … Ask you to come along for the wildest, craziest ride ever!  It’ll be fun, and we’ll get in shape and get strong in the process!  Together!  Trust me … I’m crazy fun to workout with!  Just ask those that do … they’ll tell you!  Train HARD!  Train SMART!  Eat WELL!  And, most importantly, have FUN while you’re at it!

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