Slaying Dragons – Ninja Style

At the beginning of the year, I took the time and wrote out some things that I intended and aspired to achieve this year.  As I amped up my training, I knew that achieving some of these goals would be of epic proportions!  Some seemed far-fetched, others seemed silly, and yet others appeared to be waaaay out of reach.  Yet, they are my goals, and I didn’t believe that they are far-fetched, silly, or way out reach.  As I had written them, I whole heartedly believed that each and every thing that was written was well within my reach and definitely achievable.

2012 began full of promise, although I was nursing a shoulder injury that would not let up, or appeared to not want to heal.

The first quarter of 2012 ended so badly that I lost focus and had to reset myself.  I continued to run and do whatever I could when I felt that I was capable of doing so.  I still went to Crossfit when I could, I kickboxed still, and I even ran all of my races in March literally gagging and coughing before each race. I had gotten so sick at the end March that I literally could not get out of bed, let alone run or do any sort of exercise without being winded.  I had a really bad cough and sinus congestion, that eventually progressed to full blown bronchitis!

In April, I ran in Elk Grove without much incident, but the following week I had committed to running Hollywood with my gal pal Alexis.  I should have bowed out of this race.  I should have just let it go, and DNS’d it.  But I was committed.  I should have been committed instead.  I was sick as could be.  Fever with sweats, coughing, diff breathing … it was BAD … So bad that I broke down and asked a doc to write me a script for antibiotics! I should’ve just let it go.  That was the worst “run” ever … But it was fun.

Two weeks after Hollywood, I felt well enough to start training again.  Slowly but surely getting back into a routine, although somewhat sporadic. I took the time to start seeing an accupuncturist about my “issues,” and I had finally gone in to see my Physical Therapist, Todd, who diagnosed my “shoulder” problem as a rib joint problem.  Wow!  Who would’ve thought.  So I began working on the exercises that were prescribed to me and low and behold … the pain got better.  A LOT better!  The range of motion in my right arm had improved significantly and I could even do a lot of the moves that I was “restricted” from doing – such as overhead presses, etc.  However … I ran a race at the end of April on uneven pavement and ended up injuring BOTH of my ankles!  BOTH! Can you believe it? Although it seems as if I can’t catch a break, I don’t look at it that way.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.

May started off with a BANG!  I had a really good workout and felt like a million bucks.  I could tell that my shoulder was getting stronger.  My feet were a slightly different story, but I know that they’ll get better. Aside from running the Diva Half in SF, I have been really good about keeping my feet wrapped, compressed, soaked, and whatever needs to be done to expedite it’s healing.  I can tell you that I have forgone any running – even short distances in the meantime. I’ve been rowing instead of running. But I still continue to train.  My trainer still pushes me hard during our sessions.  He know that I am capable of so much more.  He tells me all the time that there IS a beast inside of me, and once my beast is unleashed there will be no turning back. I roll my eyes and laugh at him, and I mutter under my breath during the workouts, “Beast.  Heh.  Whatever.”

Recently though something’s been happening … I feel that beast of mine.  I feel her attempting to escape, to get out.  She has been poking her head out here and there … slowly, silently, like the Ninja that I believe I am … I believe that my beast is also.  When she makes an appearance it’s subtle … It’s a weight or a move that I poo-poohed never believing that I could lift it or do it, or a race that’s run where I hit an unbelievable time. Recently, she reared her not so ugly head when I was told to do a pull up. Mind you, I could bust out strict pull-ups not that long ago, but in recent years my upper body strength has waned. But … I hoisted myself onto that bar thinking, “Yeah, this isn’t happening …” But I would try. I would try because I had set a goal.  I would try because I trust my trainer.  I would try because … Because I heard a voice that said, “You can.”  Once I heard the voice, the voice that I knew was my Ninja Beast … I did it.  And I did it over and over and over … without difficulty.

I’m slaying dragons, accomplishing my goals, one at a time with my Ninja Beast that lays low inside of me.  Look out though, cause like my trainer says, when she’s unleashed, there is no telling what I CAN and WILL accomplish.

F*ck Yeah! Silent, Strong … Slaying dragons one at a time … Beware!

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