Pennies From Heaven

It never fails.  Everyday when I set out to leave on an outdoor run, my daughter says to me, “Mom, remember to pick up the pennies that see for me.”  I never think anything about it.  I just smile, and tell her that, “If I find any, I will.”  And that’s that … she kisses me goodbye and I’m off and running.

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been intrigued by money.  I’ve always been a saver, and to this day, I have several jars and piggy banks filled with coins and even dollar bills.  It’s just by habit now that I empty out all of my pockets and that of my husband’s and put everything in a jar.  My dollar bills all face the same way in my wallet, and I always pick up any amount that I find on the ground.  It’s a habit that has yielded me quite a large sum!  It’s a habit that I learned from my father, and have now passed onto my own child.

I cannot help but smile when I find a coin and pick it up.  I can hear her call out, “Money magnet, Mom!”   So I diligently keep an eye out for those coins, and happily hand them over as she comes toward me when I walk through the door after a run.  To some they are just mere bothersome little pennies, but to us they’re lucky pennies.  Pennies that we feel are given to us from Heaven.

“Imagine,” my oldest son once said to me, “that if you didn’t pick up that penny.  What would happen if you only needed that one penny to be a millionaire, but you didn’t pick it up.  You would only have $999,999.99.  You will have wished that you would have picked it up.”

The little things that make one happy, that eventually add up and make one feel rich.  Never discount the power of the penny.

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