2010 – Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving comes around again, I am reminded that I am blessed with so much more than the average person.  Many “forget” the little things that they are blessed with, and take for granted the “little” things.  I do not.  I do my best to say a prayer of thanks everyday.  This is my list of blessings that I am thankful for.  (Be forewarned, it may be *a little* lengthy, but better lengthy, than to have only a few.)

  • My Husband. He puts up with my insane requests, and labile moods.  He is the rock in our family.  He’s a great husband, and father.  He’s our protector.  He *always* puts us and thinks of us FIRST.
  • My Children. I’ll name them individually, but seriously, I could not have been blessed with a better bunch.  My children are all well behaved, respectful, loving children.  They are a great bunch and I love them dearly!
  • My Samuel. He is becomming a very self-sufficient young man, and it has been a pleasure watching him come into his own.  He’s a good student, and a loving son.
  • My Nathan. He’s quickly growing into his own self.  He started high school this year and he’s becomming quite a young man that his parents can be proud of.
  • My Noah. He’s my twin.  He’s still very much “young” in age and in mind-set, but he’s an all around good boy that helps me all the time.
  • My Grace. As much as she is a handful, she is very humorous, very loving, very giving, and can be the sweetest thing (when she wants to be).
  • My Health. At my age, I am proud to say that I am healthier than most of those that are my age, and even many who are younger than I am.  I am thankful to have been blessed with good genes, and a great immune system.
  • The Health of My Family. We have had our share of illnesses and issues, which have all been thankfully minor in comparison to the rest of the world.  Besides the occasional cold, seasonal allergies, and maybe a bump or a bruise here or there, I am thankful to have a healthy family.
  • My Job. In this day and age, where so many are jobless and facing hardship, I am thankful to have a career in a profession that will be around for a long time.  I am blessed to have 2 jobs that provide an income that can support my family in a manner that is comfortable.
  • Health, Dental, Auto, Homeowners, Etc. Insurance. In an age where so many are uninsured, I am thankful to have full health, dental, and vision insurance thru my employers that covers not only myself, but my family also.  As for the other insurance that I carry, I am thankful that I can afford to carry them to protect my assets!
  • My Body. This really belongs in the “My Health” category, but seriously, I am thankful to have the body that I have been blessed with.  My body is STRONG, and hardy.  I am able to push my body to the limits and then some.  I am thankful that I am able to workout as hard and as long as I can and have been.  I love can outperform many of those that are younger than I am.
  • My Running Buddy, Mac “The MACHine.” Mac has been a big part of my running over the last year.  She has inspired and encouraged me.  We have run a race together every month in 2010, and plan to run more in the years (yes I just typed YEARS) to come.  She picks me up when I am down.  She runs beside me.  She cheers me on.  She is the best running partner ever.  I could not ask for better.
  • My Friends. I am not one of those individuals who is very close to a lot of people.  I hold myself at an arm’s distance, and build a wall around myself.  I don’t get too close to people, and I deem myself “antisocial” because I prefer the comfort and safety of my own home and family.  But there are a select few that I am happy to call my friends, that I hold close to my heart and love dearly.  And when I love, I love wholeheartedly.  I love my real friends.  You know who you are.
  • My Social Network Friends on Facebook & Twitter. I have developed some very nice friendships and have met some very nice people in the short amount of time that I have been using Facebook and Twitter.   I have been fortunate to meet some of these individuals IRL (in real life).   These relationships work for me, as I am able to get to know people at a distance, and not so up-close and in your face.  I can take my time and interact with them as much as I prefer.  These individuals have offered me support and advice that I have found to be heartwarming, helpful, and special.  They are my biggest cheerleaders and are usually the first to pick me up when I am down.
  • My Mother-In-Law, Kathy. My mother-in-law is the best.  She has the best interest of her grandchildren, and her family at heart.  She has been helpful in watching them for us, taking them when we/I need a break, or just doing whatever we need help with.  She works hard, and she does the best that she can to help us whenever we need it.  For that I cannot complain, and I am very thankful.
  • Modern Conveniences. I remember the days of not having cable TV, mobile telephones, computers, microwaves, etc.  I remember having to use an actual telephone directory, encyclopedias, going to the library, or waiting until someone actually got home to talk to them.  I am thankful for these modern conveniences that have made life somewhat easier.
  • My House. I may not live in the greatest neighborhood, but I have a decent house that provides my family with shelter.
  • Money In The Bank. I am thankful to have a savings account.  Not many people can say that they have one.  I am richer than most by just having a couple dollars in my pocket everyday.  I am thankful to make a very modest salary which allows me to provide my family with food, shelter, clothing, and many “extras.”
  • Food To Eat. While there are so many who can barely afford to feed their families, I am thankful that I am able to provide mine with plenty.  Home cooked meals are the best.  Being able to shop at a grocery store and not have to count my pennies is a good feeling.  Being able to take my family out for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack is something that I am very thankful for.
  • My Fully Functioning, Working Brain. The ability to think, and process.  To make sound and somewhat wise decisions.  To have the reflexes of a cat!  Some may beg to differ on the function of my brain, but that’s their opinion!
  • The Ability To Read. I love reading as evidenced by my very large library (which I am thankful for).   If I could not read, I don’t believe that I would have travelled as much as I have (in my head, of course), experienced as much (as I live vicariously through the characters), or learned as much (I am a self-help book fiend).
  • The Ability To Write. I love paper and pen.  I love stationery.  I love my journals.  Moleskine’s are the best.  I process my thoughts by actually writing.  I love it.  I love my own handwriting – seeing it on paper.
  • DVR. I am not much of an avid television watcher, but there are a few shows that I follow but cannot watch on the nights or days that they come on.  For this fact, I am thankful for DVR and the ability to watch the shows when I am able.  Most days I can be found spinning away on the spin bike (that I’m also thankful for) as I catch up on my shows.
  • My Various Fitness Obsessions. I have a free gym membership to the local gyms from work.  I have a membership that I use for martial arts.  I own *several* pieces of equipment, bicycles, and DVDs that I use at home.  I have a vast collection of running shoes, running clothing,  running gear such as Roxanne my GPS tracker, iPods … and …
  • My Running Coach.  Josh @speedysasquatch!  He is awesome!  He has improved my running much more than I ever believed I could improve.  He never makes me feel inferior, always talks me up, and makes me feel good about my performance.  If you are a runner, he is the coach for you!

I know that my list is long, but there are just so many things that I am thankful for.  I am happy to have as many things on my list that I have.  I could seriously go on and on and on …  There are so many more.  I hope that others can find the little blessings in their everyday lives and be thankful for that.  I am a true believer that the more you are thankful for, the more you will be blessed with.  Remember, the Universe is always willing to provide you with everything you desire.  There should be no feeling of lack, because the Universe is limitless.

We should all take a few minutes to offer thanks for every little thing.  I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May you all be blessed with all that your heart desires!  Thank you for taking the time to  read my blog and for being my friend.

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