Marathon Training – Week 1 – Done!!!

It’s been a rough week for me, add on the start of my marathon training and it kind of compounded it … but … but … but … I was able to chuck most of the excuses and get the required work DONE!!!

I like the schedule that I devised because it offers me a lot of leeway. I’m basically following Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Training Plan, but I added my own Row. Flair into it. You know what that means … It means prepare to suffer, Sucka!

So … Week One went down like this …

Cory & Row. Day 1. DONE!

Sunday – My buddy, Cory, wanted to start our training off right. So … she suggested that we run early in the morning … at 0630 on Sunday. What?!? She wants to kill me even before we “really” get started. Seriously? 0630? She had things to do earlier that day, and here in Stockton it gets HOT earlier and earlier. So … okay. I get up and meet her at 0630. As much as I wanted to sleep in, as much as I am so NOT a morning person … I wake up and meet Cory at 0630 and off we go. 5 nice, easy miles … DONE! We did a nice out and back in her neighborhood of Spanos Park – down Whistler, up on the levee, and back up Whistler … Perfect.

Monday– The schedule calls for 3 miles. I’ve got the FireCracker 4 Miler planned that Fleet Feet puts on every year.

Mama & Grace! Fireworks! Boom!

Perfect. So I drag my family out to Grupe Park and I get my daughter, Grace, to run the kids run. She has a blast! Me, I take off for the 4 miler shortly after. Whoa, it was HOT and it was only 0800! It slowed my time down, but it was about time on my feet, so I took it for what it was, and was happy with my performance.

Tuesday – Was supposed to run 3 to get the beginning of the week done, instead I did core and skipped the run. I know, I sound as if I’m making excuses, but I was tired.

Wednesday – I have a lot of cross training mixed in my plan. Today would be no exception. I went to Krav Maga. I love Krav Maga. I’ve been doing it since 2001 … I’ve been a member of Chris Ost American Martial Arts/Central Valley Krav Maga since then. I’ve taught Cardio Kickboxing, and I have a Black Belt in Krav Maga. This workout is like no other. Seriously, it’s the BEST cross-training workout EVER and I love it there!

60 up ... 60 down!

Thursday – Joe Rodhe and Becky plan to run the Stadium Stairs. But then they don’t, then they do … so we plan on 0630. Another early day, but I’ll do it because Joe and Becky have graciously agreed to help me, to push me, to encourage me. Ugh, but 0630? Really?! Really! I find an opening in the fence and crawl through, and it’s on … 60 up, 60 down. 60 up, 60 down! Joe started earlier than me, so while he waited for me, he does lunges as I die at the top. I refuse to give up, I finish all of them! 1.9 miles of stairs, and a little bit of a slow run to cool down to make it a little over 2 miles. I get home in time to plan and make dinner, have breakfast, then head off to Spinning with Rodger at InShape. 21 miles on the spin bike! Yee Haw!! Check! Check! Check! =)

Friday – Rest Day. Should’ve ran my long run here, but my partner bailed (it’s okay, Cor), so I opted to rest and run in the morning …

Saturday – Long run … 8 miles on the schedule. I worked a long 12 hour night shift, and I was tired, but I got it done with a one mile walking cool down to my car. I busted it out and did what I needed to do. DONE!

There you have it. My week in a nutshell! Big thanks go out to my running partner, Cory, and to my two a$$ kickers err … motivators, Joe and Becky. They are kind enough to keep me on track and kick my butt when need be!

This week, my good friend, Rosa, lost her young son, Jesse, in a tragic motor vehicle accident. If I thought that my week was rough, my Rosie has had a much rougher week. I could not imagine her pain and suffering, I can only believe it to be an unbearable kind of pain. Rosa has been my friend for a long time. She has been my Muddy Buddy partner for 2 years now, has done Krav Maga with me, and she has trained with me on numerous occasions. I love my Rosie, and I pray for her and her family that God will be with her and ease her pain. My “rough” week pales in comparison, I will not complain. I will run without complaint, and hug my children a little tighter than usual. Thank you, God, for blessing me with Rosie’s friendship. I pray for the health and safety for my children, for all children, please watch over them as I know that I know that I cannot bubble wrap them, just please keep them safe as I love them so. Thank you, Lord. And, Rosie, if you’re reading this, know that I love you dearly … always have … always will.

Today starts another week, but we’ll start tomorrow. I’ve got another wild week planned out. I’m ready for Week 2 … are you?

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