Marathon Training – Week 2 (Really? Only Week 2?)

So … Here we are in week 2.  So far so good … How many weeks left?  22?  Crud … Just kidding.  Just kidding …  I have nothing to complain about.  I got up and got the work that needed to be done … DONE!

Sunday – I wanted to start my week off on Sunday.  I tried.  I called Cory, but she headed off to beautiful Southern Cali.  Who could blame her?  I’d go to.  So … Instead I just hung around the house and took care of things that needed to be taken care of there.

Monday – Not a bad day.  I got my cross-training in with a kick a$$ workout at AMAA.  Dang … I got my a$$ whopped by Meana  … err .. I mean Nina!  I love Nina!  She really worked my entire body, and I left there dripping with sweat!  I got home, and I headed out for the three mile run that I owed my schedule.  I had a really great run surprisingly.  My calves still ached from my Stadium run last Thursday, but all in all it was a good run.  I know it was just a short run today, but I dedicated it to my friend Rosie’s son, Jesse,  because I had gone to his funeral earlier that day, and spent a few minutes with Rosie.   I thought of him and prayed for Rosie and him during my short run.  RIP, Jesse.

This is the overpass that Judy & I run in Lathrop.

Tuesday – I was going to run the Stadium again with Joe and Becky, however, since I’m running a half on Saturday, and I was still kinda aching from the last time I ran the Stadium … I opted for something that was just a run.  I had asked Joe if he wanted to go, but hadn’t heard, so I called Judy and she’s always willing to run our crazy hill workout with me.  So off we went at 0630 in the morning.  It was a nice and cool morning!  However, for some reason I was “off” and Judy could tell.  She said that my workouts are usually near vomit so for me to be so “blah,” was weird.  She didn’t care though.  We were still out there and we got a good 6 mile run in out there in our small “hill” run … the Lathrop Overpass.  We all have our days, I guess.  It didn’t help that I stayed up until 0300 or so … Nope.  I know better.  That was just stupid!

Wednesday – Kinda took it easy.  I hopped on the spin bike in the morning and got a great ride in.  One hour, easy – just to keep the legs loose and moving.  18 miles, then a three mile run.  Nice brick workout.  Yep … that’s how I roll.  I’m a Brick House … I’m Mighty Mighty … Okay … I’m Mini but MIGHTY.  Never underestimate the power of a very small woman, okay!  LOL.  I know … I’m crazy!

Thursday – Rest day.  I’ve learned that it’s getting harder and harder for me to workout after I work all night.  (I work the night shift, in case you were wondering.)  I wonder how other runners who work night shift do it?  I need to ask this question on Twitter.

Friday – Another rest day.  Yeah, well, rest is training also, so deal with it.

Mac, Me, Judy, & Cory Pre Race!

Saturday – Here we go … Davis Moo-nlight *Almost* Half Marathon.  OMG!  This race was something else!  For one, it started at 7 p.m. which is fine, except it was still 80 degrees and sunny out.  Row doesn’t fare well in heat.  And … And … AND it was one mile short, therefore, I have dubbed it the *almost* half marathon.  It’s all good though.  I had a great time with Cory and Judy, and Cory’s hubby, Sam.  I got to see my girl Mac, and also Mellie Mel (or Big Burt, as Grace calls her).  I remember from February’s Davis Half Marathon that I HATED Davis’ crazy tunnels!  Yeah, well, I *still* hate them.  Not sure if I’ll run that one again, or if I’ll ever run in Davis again.

So … That’s Week 2 in a nutshell.  What I’ve learned is that I don’t fare well with little sleep … Um … DUH, Row.!  Where have I been?  Seriously, it’s just harder for me to recover when I work a full weekend – 12 hour night shifts x 3 days … I know that rest is an important aspect of training.

I pulled out my new Saucony Triumph 8s to start training in them this week.  They’re my work horse shoes … and I have found that they are NOT very nice to my ankles.  I ran the half in them and could hardly walk afterwards!  I was walking with a lot of pain to my left ankle, and my gait was severely off.  No plantar fascitis pain to my feet, thankfully!  I spent 1.5 hours with the H-wave on my ankles and feet, then wore my compression stockings to help recover.  I wonder if you can O.D. on too much electrical stimulation?  Oh well, let me tell you, it worked like a charm!  No pain.   I’m not sure what to do about my shoes though.  I may just train in my Triumph 8s and run in my Kinvaras.  I need to figure it out retro STAT!

Next week, I need to see my favorite Chiropractor on Monday and get adjusted.  I plan to focus on core get some resistance training in there along with all the cardio that I’ve been doing.  May be a *little* bit of a challenge since I’m on VACATION!!!  We’ve got 2 birthdays to celebrate:  my son’s 21st birthday, and my hubby’s initiation into a new decade!  LOL!  Happy *almost* Birthdays to my guys!

I know that my exterior is “hard,” but really there’s a real live, caring person underneath.  I’m just not one to let my guard down and show much emotion.  I’m always asked what I think about when I run?  Honestly, it’s my church.  I think a lot, and I spend a lot of time reflecting and in prayer.  I talk to God a lot.  Not just asking Him to help me get through this run or that run either.  Although a lot of is is wondering about all that,  I had more pressing matters at hand.  This was a week filled with emotions, and I had a slightly heavy heart as I prayed for my friend.  You see, I DO believe in God, and I know that there’s always a reason, but sometimes … sometimes the reasons are difficult to accept.

Have a great week, everyone!  Remember that life is good.  Hug your loved ones a little tighter, and remind them that you love them because you just don’t know.  I’m thankful to my hubby who puts up with my insanity and OCD, and to my kiddos who hold my heart in their hands.  And I’m thankful to my friends who run with me and accept me as I am.  =)

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