Marathon Training – Week 10 – Changes Abound …

It’s week 10, halfway there I’m guessing.  I have yet to find the marathon training schedule that I chucked during week 5.  Oi.  Hee hee hee.  I’m slowly finding my mojo and my footing, and am once again getting excited about training.  Life is good, and I know it’s because I seriously changed up my workouts!

Tori, my Twitter BFF, and I at the Disney Expo.
Ali and I

Sunday:  This was seriously the FUNNEST run that I have had in a long time.  Besides the Giants Half last weekend, this Disneyland Half Marathon was a BLAST!  Wow!  My friend Judy, once again had a bib that she was not going to use, so I quickly asked my Twitter BFF, Victoria @easelytorie, if she wanted to run with me.  I got a resounding, “Yes, of course!”  But she was worried about finances, etc.  I explained to her that I was given the bib and that if she wanted it, it was hers.  Last year, she was in a similar predicament where she had to give her bib away, so she was very grateful for the opportunity to run this year.  She had been injured, so she was worried that she would slow me down.  I told her not to worry, that we would just run together and have fun.  We met for the first time in real life at the Disney Health and Fitness Expo.  It was as if we had known each other for a long time!  We also met Ali @alitherunner there, as well as our friends Kristy @kristylpants, and Lauren @liloruns!  Good times.

Row. and Torie ready to goooo!

The run on Sunday was on a day with ideal conditions.  We met early in the morning at my hotel and walked the short walk to the start.  One complaint that I had was that once you got in your corrals, there were no porta potties to be seen!  So although I had to go, I couldn’t unless I walked back out to where they were herding runners.  It was okay, just irritating that waiting in line would add to my time.  Oh well, just subtract 10 minutes from my time.  We hit the first set of porta potties just after mile one – perfect.  Hardly any lines … except people were peeing so s l o w l y … What the heck, people?  Drop and go!  Drop and go! How hard is that?  Heehee!

The run was pretty uneventful, meaning, no running issues for me.  We took water at every water station, and we ran side by side for the entire race.  It was amazing.  I thought that I was slowing her down, and she thought she was slowing me down.  It was perfect pace though.  I had a little twinge in my right foot, but it was tolerable and in the end did not cause me any undue issues.  The weather was awesome – slightly overcast, 60s.  Crowd support was awesome!  The volunteers were great – always smiling and encouraging.  Cheerleaders, Boy Scouts, everywhere … they were so happy, and all I could do was thank everyone for being there for us!  Running thru Angels Stadium was a nice experience.  I high fived all the kiddos, and we saw our friend Kristy as we went in.  Wow!  I loved it.  It was an awesome run with someone who I interacted with only via web and text … She was a great partner!  =)

Disney Blingage!!!
Soooo Much FUN!!!

Post race we were greeted with “cooling” towels, water and, the most important, BLING!!!  We did the post race picture thing, then headed back to my hotel.  This race was very well organized, from parking, the expo, the volunteers, to the corral herding, to the post race festivities.  Everyone knew what they were supposed to do.  I had my reservations in the beginning, but I seriously had a BLAST and can’t wait to run it again next year!!!

Poor feetsies just couldn't catch a break!

I thought I’d catch a little break after the run, however, I had my kiddos with me and they deserved a little fun, too, right?  So while they headed off to breakfast, I hit the showers and got ready.  As it was a little pricey to hit Disneyland for a family of six for just one day, we decided that Knotts Berry Farm was the place to be … and we were right!  The kiddos had sooooo much fun there!  We had heard from the locals earlier that Knotts was definitely much better than Disney.  The Wallen Kiddos are not much into crowds or rides, so this place was perfect!  10 hours and maybef 6-8 miles of walking later, I’m sure that you’d think that my legs would be screaming.  In all honestly, they were not.  I felt great, the only time I ached was when I quit walking for a minute … then my right foot would have a tiny bit of trouble getting started again.  Nothing a quick ice bath couldn’t help with after we got back to the hotel.

Monday:  Monday, Monday … What can I say?  We did a little bit of walking when we hit up Citadel on the way home, but other than that, it was more of a rest day as we headed home.  My kiddos were tired but happy … Life is good … =)

Tuesday:  Back to the grind.  Back to training in full force.  No time for slacking. 1 mile warm up. 3x: 30 kettlebell swings w/ 26lb kettlebell, 30 box jumps, 400m run. Tabata rows x 4 min. Tabata barbell push press alt with burpees x 8 min. Then 3x: 12 push ups, and 12 clean and presses!  Holy cow!!!  I seriously thought I was gonna die, but didn’t.

Wednesday:  Today’s workout left me gasping for breath.  Literally.  1 mile w/u run. 3 x 10 straight legged dead lifts with 75#s, then 30 box jumps. Then 1200 m run, 50 kettlebell swings with 26# kb, 800 m run, 50 kb squats, 400 m run, 200 m run with the kb! Oh. My. God!  All I could do was just lay there for a second to recover.

Thursday:  I made every effort to get to the gym after work.  I brought my clothes, changed into them, but as I was driving I began nodding off.  I decided that it was probably not the best idea so I proceeded to head home and immediately crashed as soon as I hit the bed.  Now, if you think I took a rest day, think again.  I got up early before work, and set a goal to run at least 2 miles.  I ran 3 and felt like a million bucks.  Okay.  Okay … I felt like $1.50, but still … I got the work done.

Friday:  Today I was going to do it.  I once again got dressed, and headed on over to the gym.  I made it this time.  However … I started questioning myself immediately after I got there.  That was quickly nixed in the bud when my trainer said, “You’re here after working all night?  And you’re smiling?  You’re badass.”  Then I saw the workout of the day … Whoa.  Yeah, I was wishin’ that I just went to bed … Warmed up with 1 mile run … Then … For time:
25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
50 Box jumps, 20 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball
30 Kettlebell swings, 26 pound kb
50 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans, 15 pound dumbbells
30 Push Presses, 15 pound dumbbells
30 Push-ups
1/2 mile run

I did this workout after working a full 12 hour night shift. I came in with a smile on my face, and left with an even bigger smile on my goofy face. I gave it 100%. I thought the weights of the DB and KB were a little too heavy, but my trainer said that, “Hey, you are a little bit strong. You are a stud!” So how could you not push harder. I left it all on the floor and am so proud of myself. Love my trainer!

Saturday:  Okay … I really debated getting out of bed for this one.  I should’ve just stayed in bed and slept.  Nooooo … I got my butt outta bed and I went.  Maybe not the bestest idea that I ever had, but too late now.

Warm up: 50 high knees, 50 butt kickers, 50 squats, 10 pull ups, 20 burpees, run 800 m.

150 wallball squats with 14# ball.
30 burpees, 30 DB thrusts. X 3
30 DB deadlifts, 30 jump lunges x3
Run 800 m

This workout put me in check.  See, I have always believed that I was a good athlete and that I’m in fairly good shape.  This workout challenged me and I wondered if I could *really* do it.  Today I’m sooooo sore that I’m starting to doubt my ability.  It probably was not the best idea either as tomorrow I’m running the Buffalo Stampede 10 mile run.  Oh boy.

So … that’s my week in a nutshell.  It’s pretty crazy what I’m doing, changing up my workouts and all, but it’s all good.  I can feel the changes and I’m having fun working out and getting put into place.  It may look like I’m not doing much running, but believe me … it’s there interspersed in all of my workouts.  I’m running on dead legs let me tell you, but it’s good to know that they still move after all that I have put them thru.  My quads, glutes, and hammies are SCREAMING at me!  Screaming, I tell you!  Whoa!  But it’s a good hurt.  It’s a good kind of pain.

Oh … here’s something to ponder … The new “thing” at work is to talk health/fitness/exercise to our patients as part of their vital signs. No problem for me because I practice what I preach. The only issue I have is when patients scoff me, telling me that I’m skinny, etc. They never believe how hard I have to work to stay in the shape that I’m in, and they don’t get the difference between being “skinny” and being “fit.”  A lot of people don’t get that.  Also, ALL of my patients one night – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM – was a woman between the ages of 45 – 65 who was as round as they were tall. Some didn’t fit on the gurneys properly. All had a BMI of 40 – 60+. What has happened to our society?!? I just don’t even know … I just do the best that I can to help & encourage, but it makes me sad, and, honestly, it creeps me out …  And honestly, I’m not sure why I have to waste my breath for someone who’s not going to do more than lift a fork to their mouths?!  But I’ll do it with the hopes that I may inspire even just one person to get out and get movin’ …

Week 11 comin’ up.  It’s gonna be a good week … I can feel it!  Have a great one, everybody … Train hard, train smart, and you know … have FUN while you’re at it!  =)

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