Marathon Training – Week 11 – Workin’ It …

I keep saying that I’m going to find that marathon training schedule that I chucked during my tantrum in week 5.  I have yet to find that dang thing.  I think I really threw it away!  Seriously, I can’t find it.  I know kinda what the mileage is, and I’m getting most of the runs in, and the long runs, too.  And if I wanted, I guess I could just print off another schedule … but in that respect, I’m lazy.  Ah well, I’ll eventually get to it seeing as I’m already halfway into it!  I keep saying that I want a new schedule anyway and in a sense, I have made up my own.  I’m running, and I’m getting my long runs in so it’s all good.

I’ve really been training hard.  Seriously … I have been training so hard that I’ve worn my body down slightly.  I’m at a point now where I *need* to rest or I’ll suffer another bout of burnout.  I believe in the last 2 weeks, I’ve had a total of 2 rest days.  As much as my mind loves the workouts and marvels at the results, my poor body has been pretty beat up over the last few weeks.  I’ll see what I can do to scale it down a little bit.  I know.  Crazy.

Ready to GOOOO!
Comin' up to the finish!
The BEAUTIFUL Girl who lured me ...

Sunday:  In a last minute decision, lured by a beautiful girl and her cookies, I decided to sign up and run the Buffalo Stampede and Migration 10 mile run in Sacramento.  I wasn’t going to.  I was perfectly happy to just spend a lazy Sunday at home, but my friend, Shiloh @bakinginheelz, said that she was running and she said that if I came, she would bring me the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I have been coveting.  Okay … I’m tellin’ you … a beautiful girl and her cookies.  How could I say no?  I registered before the deadline and I was “IN.”

Done and Happy!  =)The race itself was a very nice run that started at Rio Americano High School and went thru a very posh neighborhood of East Sacramento.  It seriously reminded me of running thru the neighborhood that surrounds the University of the Pacific here in Stockton, but better.  Ten miles of beautiful houses … how could one not dream build during this run?  Loved the course.  Loved the support from the CHP, the kids of Rio Americano High School, and just miscellaneous volunteers.  The course was well marked, and it had enough aid and water stations throughout.  One pit stop for me at mile 6 – I’m glad I stopped too ’cause I really had to goooo!  I was bombarded by a guy with a box of donuts once I stepped out, but I already told him that I was getting cookies at the end!  The weather was perfect and the pre-race speech had a lot of people choked up.  The only downer … no bling!  =(  But we did get a really cool reflective vest!

The "goods," the bait ... PURE Yumminess!!! Thanks, ShiShi!

I ran alone as it was a last minute run, and I signed up for the Migration Run (>10min/mi) vs. The Stampede (<10min/mi) so I started an hour earlier than my friends who I knew were running:  Shiloh and Mike Bravo @MikeBravo11.  I saw Mike around mile 7 where we high fived.  That was a much needed boost.  It was nice to see a friendly face, not that there were unfriendly faces on the course, I just didn’t know anyone.  I did run with a man named Jay off/on throughout the ten miles.  It was during the last 2 miles that we interacted.  I kept telling him that we were almost done, that we needed to finish strong. He was happy that I was there to help him. That’s what it’s about to me … having fun, and helping others get to the finish. =) (Just don’t tell Jay that I was really talking to myself … lol!)  It was a fun run.  I was happy to get my long run in, and to see Shiloh at the end.  Her cookies are to die for, let me tell you.  Moist, oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies.  Mmmmm!

Looking at my time, I was a little disappointed.  However, I had to remind myself that I had worked my legs HARD all week and they really hadn’t been given a break.  I also reminded myself that I was running sick.  Yep … Upper respiratory cold.  I gutted it out.  I didn’t complain.  I was out there, running, and I did well.  At one point as I was running, I looked down at my legs and I could see the changes being made, and I thanked them.  I swear I heard them say, “Girl, you shouldda stayed in bed!”  Seriously, I thought they were going to fall off at mile 9.

I have to tell you that I went to work in the afternoon.  Seriously.  I was floated to part of the hospital that’s new and is about a half mile from where the parking lot is.  I did a lot of walking on this shift as the department is HUGE and my patient load was fairly busy.  I’m sure that I got another 2.5 miles in just walking in my short Princess Shift!  My legs are really getting used to working while tired.  Last week Knotts Berry Farm after a half marathon.  This week, running on tired legs then working immediately afterwards!  My workout on Saturday just about did my legs in.  I’m basically teaching my legs to work while tired … breakin’ them down to build them back up as my trainer would say!

My Saucony Strong!

Monday:  I woke up and knew that I was not going to make any kind of workout today at all.  I could hardly breathe and my body was really screaming for rest.  I wasn’t 100% so I sidelined myself.  I mean, I could’ve just gotten up and gone, but it would not have been a wise choice.  So I laid in bed, becomming one with my mattress.  Instead, I played with Saucony’s “Strong” on their website and ordered my shirt, I slept for the better part of the day, then I got up and got my eyebrows done, and went grocery shopping with the fam.  Easy schmeasy, no stress, very chill day.  Just what I needed.

Tuesday:  Still not 100%, maybe only 85%.  I considered taking another day off, but why?  Why when I could go workout and give all that I had at the gym?  So … I made the decision to suck it up and go, and I’m glad that I did … Here’s how it went:

The Warm-Up:
Run 800m
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Push Ups with Rotations

6 x 5 Back Squats with increasing weight. My max load for today was 140 lbs.
Handstand pushups. Yeah! Love those! =)

Run 800m
10 dumbbell clean & jerks with 20# dumbbells
10 burpees
Run 400m
10 dumbbell clean & jerks
10 burpees
Run 200m
10 dumbbell clean & jerks
10 burpees

Never mind that I was suckin’ in air by the time the last run came around.  Never mind that I couldn’t breathe.  Never mind that my legs were screaming with the last set of clean and jerks.  I was spent, but I felt good!

Wednesday:  I found my lost marathon schedule.  I’m pretty much on track with the short mileage, and most of the long runs that have been due.  I’m okay with what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been running a lot more than I’ve been posting.  Seriously … my runs are all interspersed in my workouts and I’m counting them all.  My long runs have been pretty much spot on.  So all is good.  If my blog workouts look familiar, it’s because I post on Daily Mile so if you follow me on there, you’ll see pretty much the same thing posted.

I missed my morning workout because I was falling asleep at the wheel while driving home.  Not good.  So I slept, got the rest that my body needed, and I decided to get up and hit AMAA for a cardio workout!  I’m glad I went.  I went to the first class thinking that it was early and that if I really wanted to, I could get things done afterwards.  I ended up feeling sooooo good that I stayed for a double.  Yep!  1.5 hours of pure cardio and resistance.  I was my usual “Front Row” obnoxious self!  It felt “easy” and I felt great.  The first class was torture using the resistance cuffs around my ankles!  Jump lunging, knee strikes, mountain climbers, and kicking by itself if hard, with the cuffs on they are rough, but I did it.  Lots of kicking, push ups, planks to push ups, ab work … yeah … I got my friend Karyn to stay for the second class with me.  We thought we were doomed in the first few minutes of the class, but it got better.  Ladder/agility work, more push ups with punches, ab work, knees, and so much more stuff!  We laughed the whole time because we were having FUN!!!  =)  I love Karyn!  I love all my peeps at AMAA!!!

Thursday:  I knew today was going to be a good day!  I love when I know I’m gonna get my butt whipped!  I got there and got started right away …

Today was such a FUN workout for me! I loved it. Kinda crazy, I know, but I felt really strong despite sucking in some serious air!!!

The Warm Up:
20 yd knee raises
20 yd butt kicks
20 quad stretches
20 leg squats
20 opposing heel reaches
800m run

6×2 80lb Push Presses

The Workout:
2 min at each station (no breaks):
Burpee Wall Climbs (10)
Tire Flip (26)
Box Jump (35)
Distance Stone Carry (40lbs/525yds)

I loved this workout.  It made me feel strong throwing myself over the wall, and doing all that work.  I felt so proud of myself when my trainer called me a “Power House.”  It made me work harder!  =)  I just enjoyed myself.  I’m getting stronger!  I can feel it.

Friday:  I woke up feeling as if I really shouldn’t go or do anything.  I wanted to be lazy.  Seriously lazy.  I could’ve skipped my workout this morning. I could’ve, but I didn’t. I chose NOT to. I chose to go, and make the best of it because I love my workouts!  I seriously LOVE my workouts with my trainer, and I feel the effects of my workouts for HOURS afterwards.

The Warm-Up:
3 min Row.
20 Lateral High Knees
20 Good Mornings
20 Roll & Reaches

25 Walking Lunges with a 25lb plate held over head then 300 jump ropes x 2 sets.

Workout – 3 Rounds of:
15 Burpee Box Jumps
15 Dead Lifts (90lbs)
15 Wall Ball Squats (20lb ball)
Run 600m

By the third round I was seriously considering hanging myself. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t get my HR down. I was thinking that there was seriously something wrong with me. I asked my trainer if this was normal. He said that he’d be more concerned if I wasn’t feeling like I was. o_O Really?  I felt as if I got hit by a train!  Heehee … My “train-er” kicked mah behind!  Lucky for me …It’s kinda like giving birth … I have a very short memory of the pain and I “forgot” and felt soooo FABULOUS afterwards.

Speedwork kicked my booty!  I know that it makes a big difference in my performance, and I know that it’s good for me … so I do it.  I only did 30 minutes worth, but it was enough!  =)

Saturday:  I haven’t done much in terms of running this week.  I mean, I’ve been running, but not “just running.”  I know that I’m missing a long run this week, and that’s okay with me.  Eventually, I’ll make it up somewhere, somehow.  I’ve been training my body HARD in other ways and I’m loving it as I’m having FUN!!!  With that being said … I did nothing today.  NOTHING.  Working my three day weekend kicks my a$$.  Imagine a 12 hour night shift, short staffed, busy as all get up, running around, without a break or lunch for 10 hours … yeah.  So you’ll forgive me that I did absolutely zero.  My body probably needed it.  My body always needs the rest, but I keep pushing it to it’s limits which is how I like it.  Hey!  As long as I can, I will continue to do as much as I can.  Okay?  Okay!

It became “official” last night that my friend Rosa and I will be doing Muddy Buddy San Jose in October.  I almost didn’t sign us up because of the fact that I know Rosie has been having a rough time these last few months.  I was waiting for her to give me the “go ahead.”  I waited patiently.  I was even secretly coveting my day off … But I knew that she wanted to do it.  She needs to find her “new normal.”  And I promised to help her.  So … I signed us up!    We are “Team Nucking Futs!”  Don’t mix the letters up now!  It’s gonna be a good race.  Good because this will be our third race together – and we promised to keep going until we got it “right.”  Good because I want Rosie to get out and find herself again.  Good because I love my Rosie, and I know that we’ll have a great time together!  We always do!   I plan to conquer the bike again this year, as I have in years past!  So … Look out San Jose!  Rosie and Row will be in the house at Mt. Hamilton!

So that’s my 11th week in a nutshell.  Pretty cool, ‘eh.  I’ve been workin’ mah behind off getting my entire body stronger.  I can feel it, and I can see it.  I love my trainer.  I love my friends who support me from near and far.  Speaking of friends … I got a SUPER cool package in the mail on Friday from my friend, Maddy @maddyhubba!  I feel sooooo loved, but ya’ll are gonna have to wait to see what I got!  I really do have some awesome supporters!  So … what does Week 12 bring?  I know!  A happy weekend with my awesome husband coming up in Half Moon Bay for it’s inaugural Half Moon Bay International Marathon  next Sunday which I was blessed to have gotten into as there are only 500 runners total for the entire race!  Whoo hoo! I’m excited!  I really lucked out with this race entry!

10 weeks out to CIM people!  3 weeks to Muddy Buddy!  4 weeks to Nike Womens!  5 weeks to Stockton Half!  6 weeks to Folsom Down & Dirty (haven’t reg’d for this one yet).  7 weeks to Fresno Two Cities!  OMG!  I’m tired just thinking about all of this! My schedule is full!  October’s gonna be soooo busy for me!  Eek!  But if I know one thing, I know that I am ready!  =)

Let’s get out there, peeps!  We got this!  Train hard.  Train smart.  Have fun.  Eat well!  =)  See you next week!

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