Marathon Training – Week 21 – Sitting, Waiting, More Deciding …

Race Mode ... NO thinking ... Just doing ...

This is it.  2 weeks left.  What can I say?  Nothing.  I don’t want to say anything.  I  am just hangin’ back, siting, and waiting …  I’m just gonna hang out.  There are some things that need to be done yet and I’ve gotta man up and do it.

Sunday:  Um … got nothin’ for you except a bunch of much needed SLEEP!!!

Monday:  I hit up AMMA for a great cardio session with Stephanie.  Resistance leg cuffs and weights.  Love’em.  I wish that I could’ve stayed for the second session because TRX was involved, but with my shoulder it would not have been able to handle it and I would’ve just been frustrated and stood envious of those who are able to perform the movement!  It’s all good.  I got a great workout in.

Tuesday: Nothing.  I got nothin’ for you.  For one I’ve got some serious sinus issues and I took a Pseudophed.  Working out after I take a Pseudophed is like waiting for my heart to explode out of my chest.  Even if I take a low dosage, it still jacks my heart rate up sooooo high that I feel as if I can’t breathe and my heart wants out!  Also, I had to make some serious decisions today.  Serious to me, anyway.  Since injuring my shoulder over a month ago now, it hasn’t had the chance to heal because I keep pushing it.  I keep going to the gym and trying … trying to do the moves, stretching my shoulder, asking it to do things that it physically can’t handle right now, and pushing it despite the pain.  So … I have made the decision to stay out of the gym for the next month.  I sent my trainer an email that detailed how my shoulder was not healing and that the risk of it injuring it further (i.e. tearing the injured muscle or worse, dislocating the shoulder itself, or even tearing the rotator cuff) is NOT worth it.  It’s just not a risk that I am willing to take right now.  I’d rather just do cardio, and rest my shoulder and give it the time that it needs to heal.  I could tell you that I’m resting it now, that my trainer does his best to modify my workouts … but when I’m in that box, I want to be like the big kids and do what the big boys and girls do.  I want to lift the heavy weight and work hard.  I know me … and I know that I’ll push myself to try.  So … I put myself on the injured reserve list.  I’ve sidelined myself from the box.  That was a very hard, yet wise decision to make.

On another note, I did hit up Fleet Feet today and picked up my race packet for the 7th Annual Stockton’s Run/Walk For Hunger.  While there I got another Nike racerback sport top.  I love those tops … I think I own a hundred of them.  Okay … not quite a hundred, but a lot!  How could I resist with 15% off and a $$$ voucher … I practically got it for free!

Wednesday:  Nothing.  I’ve got no data for you today except more rest.  Yep.  I did a lot of prep for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.  I seasoned and readied Jimmy the turkey (named by Noah this year) and got the other fixins ready to go.

Ready To Gooooo ...
Me & Cory. Post Run Goofiness!

Thursday:  I got up in the morning thinking that I really didn’t want to run this race.  I remember last year was FFFFRRRREEEZING and I just didn’t want to get out of my warm and cozy bed.  I also went to bed late and woke up wwwwaaaay to early … but I got up, got dressed, put Jimmy in the oven, grabbed my breakfast and coffee and out the door I went.

The weather wasn’t too bad.  48 degrees and overcast.  I found parking quickly at the Port’s/Banner Field parking lot, then set out to find my friends.  Cory was with her friend, Maureen.  Our friend, Norah, found us.  I was sooooo happy to see her.  Norah just started her running journey not that long ago, was sidelined for awhile due to some health issues, but then ran/walked NWM!  Belinda and her hubby were there, too!  Erika Rae was there with her kiddos – but she was so busy and I didn’t get a chance to meet up with her.  We took our customary pre-race pics and headed off to the start.

The race was pretty uneventful.  Cory, Maureen, and I went up to the very front of the start line.  We hadn’t even started yet, and I already got separated from my people!  Flashbacks of NWM – crowded and crazy.  Surprisingly though, as I decided to line up at the VERY front, I did not once feel crowded or boxed in, nor did I have to fight with any walkers.  I ran alone as I scanned the crowd unsuccessfully for Cory and Maureen, or Erika, or anyone that I knew … Ah well …

I settled in and focused.  My pace was sub 10min/miles which I felt was a tad fast except it didn’t feel fast.  I ran a good race.  I was happy, and cool.  I could feel my feet kinda getting iffy.  I had worn my new Zensah ankle supporters which may have contributed to my issue, but it wasn’t too bad.  I worried a little at how I would get thru 26.2 miles next week, but I let it go and forced myself to focus on the here and how.  I didn’t ever feel bad and I told myself that – “Row., you’re fine. You’re breathing is fine, and your legs are strong.  GO!”  So I went …

Taken by my bud, ERae! =)

Shortly after the turnaround I, I  happened to take my right earbud out.  Thank God, I did because I heard, “Row!!!”  I looked up and saw Erika Rae heading towards me running in the opposite direction.  She was able to snap my pic, we high-fived, and I told her that I loved her.  That was the only time I saw her … =(

It showered on me from about mile 3.5 to 5ish.  It was an awesome shower, however it was short!  It never rained again after that!  After that it was time to hit it and get to the finish.

Rosemary - my finish line motivator!

When I run, I always make it a point to thank as many volunteers, Police Officers, photographers, etc.  Most reply with, “Thank you for running,” which to me seems kind of silly, but I think it’s because they’re shocked that someone would actually think to thank them and they don’t really know how to reply.  But … I think that they still need to be thanked.  =)  It’s fun to me.  Also while I run, I always make it a point to encourage the other runners who run beside me.  I try to tell them that they’re doing a fabulous job, and that they look strong.  If we’re close to the end I tell everyone that I pass that they’re lookin’ good and to finish strong.  It was at around mile 5 that I turned slightly to my right to tell a runner who was beside me that she looked good and to finish strong.  I didn’t recognize her with her hat and sunglasses, but she recognized me and started screaming my name, “RRRROOOOOWWW!!!”  Once she removed her sunglasses I recognized her!  It was awesome!  It was my friend, Rosemary from my Princess Shift job!  We have always talked about running a race together, but have never really been able to get together and plan.  It was nice to see a friendly face.  So … together we took off, pushing each other for that last mile.  We ran fast and we ran strong.  It was so great!  I loved it!

Beckwith Twins!!! Matt & Mike!
Beautiful Norah!
Running Code 3!

The finish line in the past has always been inside the ballpark, this year for some reason the finish was outside of the ballpark.  It was fine with me, just different.  It was a very nice run.

Highlights include seeing the Beckwith Twins, Matt and Mike, on the course.  This was Matt’s first 10k.  Mike started running earlier this year, in April, I think, and since then he has run several sub 2 half marathons, and finished a full marathon! Next week, Mike will also run CIM with me.  Other highlights include seeing Norah, my beautiful friend.  And … the best … the photographers on the course, one who told me to get my arms up and look strong!  So much fun!!!

Friday:  Spent most of the day doing chores around the house, getting ready for my three day weekend of work.  I puttered around the house, spent time with the kiddos, and did a lot of “resting.”  I wore my Zensah compression stockings all day, and had my feet up.  Then worked all night.

Saturday:  I thought I’d be exhausted, tired, lazy.  Instead, I found that I was okay so I headed out to my favorite AMAA and got in an awesome Cage Fitness workout.  Total body.  I left there with sweat pouring out of every pore of my body, and of course, with a huge smile on my face.  I love that place.  I worked out this morning with my buddy, Camille, and next to Jennifer, and with the other usual suspects that I  pal around with there.  I could feel my shoulder tighten up during the workout, but it was okay.  I just modified the walkout push-ups to planks with leg raises.  Good times.

So … just three workouts this week.  I’m good with that.  I’ve got these allergies and this shoulder issue that I’m contending with, and I’m banking rest for the upcoming week …

More time prepping for next week’s D-Day.  I’m wearing my compression gear until the day.  I see my PT on Tuesday to get last minute pointers on taping up my ankles and feet.  I also have a massage and chiropractic appointments scheduled next week.  I do work Tuesday thru Friday morning so that may be a little bit of an issue, but I’m sleeping thru everything, banking as much as I can get.  I have yet to figure out exactly which shoes I’m wearing which may be a little bit of an issue.  Carb loading won’t be an issue.  I’ve got my outfit picked out.  I have my gear list made out.  My music playlist is good to go.  I’m ready.  =)

Two more races for this year.  Just two.  Then it begins again.  It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is here.  I don’t really know where the time went  or how it ran by me so quickly … pun intended.  I’m excited for this running year to be over.  Next year, 2012, brings LOTS of new and exciting running venues, and actually running for a cause.  That’s a blog in itself so we’ll get to that in a few.  Let me just get thru these next couple weeks, and recover for a minute.

Next week is it.  I’m sure my training will be pretty much NIL so there will be really no reason to post a blog except to just get thru the week.  It’s been a wild ride.  One week … Train HARD.  Train SMART!  Eat WELL.  And have FUN!!!  I’m ready for this to be over with.  I’m not thinking.  I’m in race mode and I’m ready to get this sh!t over with … =)  See you at the FINISH LINE!

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