Happy Feet Massaging Insoles – Product Review

Accupressure chart for the foot.

They say that every part of our bodies has a sensory point at the bottom of our feet. Our feet have multiple pressure points, and every organ in our bodies have an association at the bottom of our feet. It’s why feet reflexology is so very popular with many, and why getting a foot massage almost always feels amazing to most. (For more information on the diagram to the left, click here.)

A foot massage, to me, is amazing because it causes a relaxation response. Therefore, when I was introduced to Happy Feet Massaging Insoles, I was skeptical, but willing to give them a try.

I am a runner, and most of my readers know the story of my feet. I have been plagued with plantar fascitis since 2008. My plantar fascitis has gotten better since then with the help of proper inserts in my running shoes, however, when my mileage increases, the pain in my feet also increase. I have spent several hundred dollars, more like thousands of dollars in an effort to keep my feet healthy. From inserts, to experimenting with various running shoes, Rock Tape (kinesology tape), massages, physical therapy, chiropractics, laser therapy … You name it, I was willing to try it. I have spent quite a fortune in an effort to keep my feet happy – probably enough to fund a small country.

I was first introduced to Happy Feet Insoles by accident earlier this year. I work in a hospital which hosts several vendor sales throughout the year. I happened to be browsing at the vendor sale one day when the Happy Feet vendor, hit me up. He must’ve sensed the magnet that I am for miscellaneous paraphanelia that I am willing to try in an effort to keep my feet healty. I spoke with him briefly, and he opened a package for me to try as I chatted with him. Oh my God! I slipped my feet in my shoes and didn’t want to remove them. From the first few steps I knew that they would help me.

I bought TWO pairs that fateful day. I wore that first pair through my entire shift and could not believe what a difference it made. I am a nurse and I’m on my feet for the majority of my shift. Filled with glycerin, I could feel it massaging my feet with every step. I would intentionally rock myself back and forth to get that massaging feeling. My feet actually sighed in relief and they did not cry out at the end of my shift as they usually would.

Would I recommend the Happy Feet Massaging Insoles? Yes, most definitely! The insoles have strategically placed glycerin in them so that when place in your shoes when you walk, your arches are supported, you stand a little taller because it shifts your posture a tad, and you are comforted with a nice feeling similar to walking barefoot in sand. It’s comforting to me as I grew up an Island Girl on the island of Oahu. Walking on sand actually does provide you with a massage of the sensory ends of your feet providing one with the same feeling of having received a foot reflexology treatment.

I can tell you that it will be the best $40 that you can spend on your feet. Your feet will be quite happy with the first step. It’s perfect if you’re in a profession in which you are on your feet for hours at a time. It’s also a nice treat to your feet after running long distances. Happy Feet Insoles can be custom cut to fit into your slippers/flip flops which is awesome as I wear mostly flip flops day in and day out if I’m not in my running or training shoes, or in my nursing clogs. Pair them up with a pair of compression stockings and you’ve got it made.  Check them out online and get a pair to try out for yourself.  You won’t regret it!

Note: Happy Feet Massaging Insoles can help with a variety of foot ailments, not just plantar fascitis.  Perfect not just for nurses and runners. Perfect for all who want to keep their feet in good shape. I have enjoyed my insoles immensely and I know that others would also.

One thought on “Happy Feet Massaging Insoles – Product Review

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