Get Your Bling On The Wall!!!

As runners who run races, we all have them … You may be organized and have them hanging up nicely, or if you’re like me, they’re all over the place.  I’m dead serious … ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE!  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about race bling, a.k.a. finisher medals.

Medals hanging on my bathroom mirror ...

I know.  I haven’t been the best at keeping organized, although I have tried.  I will be the first to admit that I am NOT the best housekeeper.  I have asked over and over for a housekeeper from my husband, but his reply is always, “We have FOUR kids, they should help us.”  Well, they don’t help – they’re just as busy as we are, and just as lazy.  Oh well.  That’s another story for another day, and another blog post.

Well hidden deep inside of one of my bags.

Where was I … Oh … My race bling.  Seriously, it’s all over the place.  At first, they hung on my bathroom mirror … But I’ve accumulated soooooo many that they over took the mirror.  So one day when I got frustrated, I took them all down and shoved them into a bag and put them in my closet.

Enter my friend, Madeline (@maddyhubba).  I love Madeline!  I met her on Twitter and have been interacting with her for about two years now.  I have yet to meet her in person, but she has truly come to be a good friend to me, and we interact daily via Twitter, FB, and text.  Maddy’s husband has a talent in which he makes beautiful things out of metal.  He began a business in which he makes medal racks first for Maddy, then for her friends, and now for everyone … Iron Sport Works.  Not just any run of the mill, boring medal rack, but beautiful, even custom made medal racks.

When Maddy suggested that I get one, I didn’t hesitate.  I jumped right on that offer!  I knew that I had to get my hard earned metal up for everyone to see! So together we worked on one for me, and Maddy promised that it would be AWESOME!  I trusted her, and waited.


When it arrived at my doorstep, I have to be honest … I didn’t think it would be so large!  Seriously … the package was HUGE, and heavy!  It was  like being a kid at Christmas … I already knew that I would LOVE it!

My Custom Bling Holder!

Let me tell you that’s it’s far from the standard medal holders that I have been perusing on various sites.  My new medal rack, as I said, is HUGE!  It’s also custom made … Maddy said that the girl on it looked like me with my flying ponytail!  I love it because it’s size – it can accomodate several medals.  I also love it because it’s custom – NO ONE else has one like mine!  And I just love how it fits my personality – the girl who looks like me running, and my love of hearts.  (Maddy didn’t know that I loved hearts!)

Iron Sport Works makes pre-made medal racks, and take special orders.  You will not be disappointed with what you get.  What you get will get is not just beautiful, but it’s quality. It’s fun, and customizable.  I know that my medal rack was made just for me.

You won’t be sorry if you order your medal rack from Iron Sport Works.  His work is amazing, and the company is run by good people!

Thanks so much, Maddy.  I’ve had a lot of fun admiring and filling it up with all of my medals.  I’m going to have to order another one SOON!  There’s still MORE to hang!

So … What are you waiting for?  Go check out Iron Sport Works.  Go “Like” them on FaceBook here.  Then have one made for you and get your bling on your wall!

Happy Feet Massaging Insoles – Product Review

Accupressure chart for the foot.

They say that every part of our bodies has a sensory point at the bottom of our feet. Our feet have multiple pressure points, and every organ in our bodies have an association at the bottom of our feet. It’s why feet reflexology is so very popular with many, and why getting a foot massage almost always feels amazing to most. (For more information on the diagram to the left, click here.)

A foot massage, to me, is amazing because it causes a relaxation response. Therefore, when I was introduced to Happy Feet Massaging Insoles, I was skeptical, but willing to give them a try.

I am a runner, and most of my readers know the story of my feet. I have been plagued with plantar fascitis since 2008. My plantar fascitis has gotten better since then with the help of proper inserts in my running shoes, however, when my mileage increases, the pain in my feet also increase. I have spent several hundred dollars, more like thousands of dollars in an effort to keep my feet healthy. From inserts, to experimenting with various running shoes, Rock Tape (kinesology tape), massages, physical therapy, chiropractics, laser therapy … You name it, I was willing to try it. I have spent quite a fortune in an effort to keep my feet happy – probably enough to fund a small country.

I was first introduced to Happy Feet Insoles by accident earlier this year. I work in a hospital which hosts several vendor sales throughout the year. I happened to be browsing at the vendor sale one day when the Happy Feet vendor, hit me up. He must’ve sensed the magnet that I am for miscellaneous paraphanelia that I am willing to try in an effort to keep my feet healty. I spoke with him briefly, and he opened a package for me to try as I chatted with him. Oh my God! I slipped my feet in my shoes and didn’t want to remove them. From the first few steps I knew that they would help me.

I bought TWO pairs that fateful day. I wore that first pair through my entire shift and could not believe what a difference it made. I am a nurse and I’m on my feet for the majority of my shift. Filled with glycerin, I could feel it massaging my feet with every step. I would intentionally rock myself back and forth to get that massaging feeling. My feet actually sighed in relief and they did not cry out at the end of my shift as they usually would.

Would I recommend the Happy Feet Massaging Insoles? Yes, most definitely! The insoles have strategically placed glycerin in them so that when place in your shoes when you walk, your arches are supported, you stand a little taller because it shifts your posture a tad, and you are comforted with a nice feeling similar to walking barefoot in sand. It’s comforting to me as I grew up an Island Girl on the island of Oahu. Walking on sand actually does provide you with a massage of the sensory ends of your feet providing one with the same feeling of having received a foot reflexology treatment.

I can tell you that it will be the best $40 that you can spend on your feet. Your feet will be quite happy with the first step. It’s perfect if you’re in a profession in which you are on your feet for hours at a time. It’s also a nice treat to your feet after running long distances. Happy Feet Insoles can be custom cut to fit into your slippers/flip flops which is awesome as I wear mostly flip flops day in and day out if I’m not in my running or training shoes, or in my nursing clogs. Pair them up with a pair of compression stockings and you’ve got it made.  Check them out online and get a pair to try out for yourself.  You won’t regret it!

Note: Happy Feet Massaging Insoles can help with a variety of foot ailments, not just plantar fascitis.  Perfect not just for nurses and runners. Perfect for all who want to keep their feet in good shape. I have enjoyed my insoles immensely and I know that others would also.

“UnBurn” That Sunburn (Product Review)

If you look at me, you wouldn’t necessarily believe me to be one of “those” people who are prone to sunburns. I’m Filipino, and I’m brown as heck naturally. Yeah, well, don’t ever believe a Filipino who tells you that “Filipinos don’t sunburn.” That is a bold faced lie. Most Filipinos don’t sunburn because they avoid the sun like the plague – covering every part of their bodies, then using a large hat and then staying under a sunshade. I know that’s not true of all Filipinos, just some, but most do avoid the sun, preferring the coolness of the shade instead.

I am one of “those” Filipinos. I don’t care to be out in the sun as the heat makes me cranky, and I tan WAY too easily without even trying. Seriously – I can go from stark white to dark brown in the span of less than 10 minutes of being exposed to the sun. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I am an athlete. I am a runner. I am a runner who does not always care to do her running on a hamster whizzle. That means, I take my runs outside … in the sun …

In the past, burning was not an issue … just a nice, deep, dark tan. However, add to the mix that I am a “little” older, and my training runs are “slightly” longer, therefore exposing me to the harmful effects of the sun for longer periods of time, and have, on occasion, “forgotten” that much needed sunblock (because I never used it until a few years ago) … well, yeah … I’ve gotten a few nasty burns. I try to remember to lather on that thick, sticky goop, but most times I believe that I’ll only be out for a few minutes so I don’t need it. Oh the lies that I tell myself …

Enter my Twitter and FaceBook friend, Kassy, aka @runaholickassy … Mind you, Kassy knows nothing of my “issues” with the sun, she just happened to contact me one morning and said that she had something for me and would I please DM her my address. Hmmm … skeptical at first, but I didn’t believe that she would stalk me all the way from the Philippines, I gave it to her. She told me to look for “the gift” in a few weeks. Okay.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I continue to do my own thing, my everyday living, etc., which one day included me going to my boys baseball game. I did bring my sunblock – I put it in my bag, and my husband brought a large sun umbrella. No need for me to slather on the sunblock or bust out the sunbrella, I thought, there was a large sunshade covering the bleachers that we sat on. I believed that I was “protected” enough from that sunshade. Not smart on my part. 2+ hours later … I was quite sunburnt, not bad, just enough … Yeah, no bueno! I know better!!!

UnBurn by Water Jel Technologies

To my surprise, my package, my surprise gift was found in my mailbox that very day! UnBurn by Water Jel Technologies … arrived just in the time of Nick! What did I have to lose by trying it, right? Instead, I learned that I had much to gain … like INSTANT, IMMEDIATE cooling relief! With vitamin E, aloe, and 2.5% Lidocaine in a water based formula … yeah, killed that sunburn pain right there! A couple more applications here and there throughout the remainder of the day and that sunburn was gone.

I am thankful that my little surprise came when it did. Like I said, perfect timing – “emergency” sunburn care literally as noted on it’s packaging! I found it to be easy to use, and very soothing upon contact. No goopy mess. It’s non-staining so staining of clothes would not be an issue. As an RN, I am aware of medications and the treatment of various issues requiring basic first aid. I found nothing that would steer me away from this product. At about $10.00 for a 4 ounce bottle, the price paid would be well worth the relief that it provides. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone especially now that summer is in full force! I would, though, first recommend that EVERYONE, Filipinos included, use sunblock!!! The devastating effects of skin cancer from wreckless sunbathing are so NOT worth it!

Many thanks again to Kassy and to KPR-NYC for providing me with the hook up!!!

Have a wonderful summer, everyone. Stay safe, keep cool, and wear sunscreen!!!