The Draw of 26.2

26.2 miles that dead ends into a wall ...

I have no desire to run a marathon … I keep saying that.  I’ve said it over and over since the very first marathon I ever ran.  Yet, for some reason, the draw, is there … The pull is there and it’s not just a gentle, little tug … it’s a hard yank!

What I found when I started up my Mini last week ... 26.2 miles and a FULL tank.

They say that what you resist, will persist.  The signs for 26.2 have been popping up everywhere for me.  In conversations with my friends, as mileage in my car, on street signs, as race events that woo and tempt, etc.

Why the resistance?  Well … 26.2 miles is a LONG way to run, and it’s hard to train for a marathon.  The time and dedication that it requires, is VERY demanding and it takes A LOT of time and effort, something that I’m just not ready and willing to do right now.  The thing is is that I know that I CAN do it.  I’ve done it before and I’m not afraid to do it again.  I know I’m capable, and I’m stronger, smarter, wiser.  The distance no longer scares me.  26.2 miles of running is no longer daunting, nor does the training does not scare me.

I know that people love the distance.  I’ve watched my old running buddies, Mac and Mel, finish their first marathons together and go on to sign up for more, leaving me in the dust.  I quietly watch so many of my other friends train to tackle the distance. My good friends, Linda and Ali, are training.  Lisa Marie, my workout partner, is training.  My friend Marci in Texas is training.  I just don’t have the desire, but yet I wonder why the pull is there?  I wonder why it calls me?  “Row. … come out and play … come out and run with us …” it says.

I believe that the desire is there despite me continually resisting.  I believe that it’s there because I desire to improve.  I believe that it’s there because I continually push myself and my body to do more and more and more.  I believe that it’s there because deep down inside I know that I want to do it regardless of what my head says.  I love the feeling of accomplishment – it stays with me everyday of my life.  I can look back and say that I am part of the 1% of the World’s population that has run and completed a marathon … FOUR times!

There are a lot of beautiful courses out there, so I may just suck it up and find a marathon to run.  And, yeah, I have a few in mind, but for now I’ll stick with my halves and see where this pull directs me.  Keep trying to convince me.  Stay tuned …

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