Ho Hum … Twiddling My Thumbs

Hi di ho, Friends.  Um … Yep … I’m here twiddling my thumbs.  I know. I know. Go find something to do already, right? It’s the middle of August and I have not run one organized run this month at all.  How is that even possible when I have been averaging two halfs every month so far?!? Let me tell you … It’s kinda hard to sit still, but I have to.  I don’t want to, I have to.  In order to help heal my plantar fascitis, I need to stop with the long distances for awhile otherwise, I risk doing more damage than I care to have ever in my whole life.

MORE H-Wave!

If you have ever had plantar fascitis (PF), you know it’s NO joke. That sh!t feels like an ice pick being stabbed in the heel of your foot with EVERY step that you take.  It hurts like you would not believe.  Now, I’ve had it for years … since 2007 before I ran my first marathon and probably even before that but just didn’t know because it wasn’t as painful or severe. Once I upped my mileage, it decided to make it’s presence known in my la vida loca. Yeah.  I trained for my first marathon with about 4 months of spinning because of it. I couldn’t put in any pounding miles in what so ever without wanting to shoot myself in the foot literally. Thank God for the Good Feet Store because they really saved my feet. They have some awesome inserts that I was fitted into and I was able to finish off my training run my first mary because of them.  Since then, I rarely wear any shoe or flip flop for that matter without my inserts …


So what else am I doing to heal up my feetsies besides resting them? Well, I’ve been going to almost weekly accupuncture sessions at the Persimmon Community Accupuncture Center. I’ve been using my H-wave pretty dilligently. Ice, heat, RockTape, Salonpas patches, massage, epsom salt heat soaks, elevation, compression … I’m willing to try almost anything to help my foot heal. It’s really my inserts that have helped me the most though.  And not to worry, it’s getting better every day. =)

Remain calm …
Flip flops, ace wraps, splint … =(
Freezzzzing Ccccooold!

Not running really isn’t killing me as much s I make it sound. It’s just kinda boring to not have anywhere to go. I have been putting in some really great training sessions over at CrossFit 209 Sport.  I’ve been training hard and having fun. I’ve also put in time with the bike via Spin Classes at InShape. And I’m still going to kickboxing/MMA at American Martial Arts/Central Valley Krav Maga. So … I really shouldn’t be bored. I’m doing a lot, just not pounding the pavement. It’s all good in the hood. In all honestly, I’m getting stronger and a little faster as I *almost* ran a sub-7minute mile today. That hasn’t happened since I was in high school way back when I was getting chased by T-Rex!


They say not to mess with the injured runner. A lot of injured runners get upset watching other runners run or listening to them talk about their training.  I am NOT one of those runners.  I’m happy for my friends who can run and who do run. It’s exciting to hear about their training, their races, their mileage. I have no issues with them because I  know that I will be amongst them soon enough. I know that there are those out there who are truly injured and can’t do any form of exercise, I am thankful to not be one of them.  I am thankful that I am still able to perform and workout as hard as I can despite the pain that I experience in my foot.  I know that this is why I’m not a hater. I also believe that the more you hate, the harder it is and the longer it will take for your injury to heal. That’s just my opinion. For those that are injured but can still move, there are other activities out there that you can perform, you just have to find them. And always remember that there are others that would gladly kill to be in your place knowing that once your injury heals you’ll be able to run again, whereas they will not be able to due to severe injuries or illnesses that they have sustained. Be patient with your body.

It’s middle of August … Just a couple more weeks to go then September hits with a vengence! Ragnar Napa Valley Relay, then The Giants Race, Half Moon Bay … It all works out in the end.

Until then … I am embracing the pain because I know that my pain is temporary.  Pain is my friend.  Pain is weakness leaving my body!  Happy running to those who are putting in the miles. Happy alternative training to those of us who have had to give up running for awhile. Whatever you’re doing … Train HARD. Train SMART. Eat WELL. And be HAPPY! See you on the roads and/or the trails in a couple weeks!

The Draw of 26.2

26.2 miles that dead ends into a wall ...

I have no desire to run a marathon … I keep saying that.  I’ve said it over and over since the very first marathon I ever ran.  Yet, for some reason, the draw, is there … The pull is there and it’s not just a gentle, little tug … it’s a hard yank!

What I found when I started up my Mini last week ... 26.2 miles and a FULL tank.

They say that what you resist, will persist.  The signs for 26.2 have been popping up everywhere for me.  In conversations with my friends, as mileage in my car, on street signs, as race events that woo and tempt, etc.

Why the resistance?  Well … 26.2 miles is a LONG way to run, and it’s hard to train for a marathon.  The time and dedication that it requires, is VERY demanding and it takes A LOT of time and effort, something that I’m just not ready and willing to do right now.  The thing is is that I know that I CAN do it.  I’ve done it before and I’m not afraid to do it again.  I know I’m capable, and I’m stronger, smarter, wiser.  The distance no longer scares me.  26.2 miles of running is no longer daunting, nor does the training does not scare me.

I know that people love the distance.  I’ve watched my old running buddies, Mac and Mel, finish their first marathons together and go on to sign up for more, leaving me in the dust.  I quietly watch so many of my other friends train to tackle the distance. My good friends, Linda and Ali, are training.  Lisa Marie, my workout partner, is training.  My friend Marci in Texas is training.  I just don’t have the desire, but yet I wonder why the pull is there?  I wonder why it calls me?  “Row. … come out and play … come out and run with us …” it says.

I believe that the desire is there despite me continually resisting.  I believe that it’s there because I desire to improve.  I believe that it’s there because I continually push myself and my body to do more and more and more.  I believe that it’s there because deep down inside I know that I want to do it regardless of what my head says.  I love the feeling of accomplishment – it stays with me everyday of my life.  I can look back and say that I am part of the 1% of the World’s population that has run and completed a marathon … FOUR times!

There are a lot of beautiful courses out there, so I may just suck it up and find a marathon to run.  And, yeah, I have a few in mind, but for now I’ll stick with my halves and see where this pull directs me.  Keep trying to convince me.  Stay tuned …