Such A Diva … The Race That Almost Wasn’t

Melinda, Linda, Richelle, and I … 4 Divas. I *LOVE* this picture!!!

I have to admit, this wasn’t on my list of “must do” runs for 2012.  I saw that a few of my frunners had signed up to run it, and I was happy to let it go.  I had a friend, though, Melinda, who asked me to help keep her in check, to give her a goal, and a little bit of motivation, and to suggest a race for her.  I suggested a few, then casually threw out that there would be a Diva Run in SF that she could sign up for.  Low and behold, Melinda signed up and said that she was “IN.”  Then our mutual friend, Rosie, wanted to run it as her first half and it was at that point that I felt somewhat obligated to sign up and run with them, so … I did what a good frunner would do, especially since it was MY idea, and I signed up.

Run Like A Diva, the SF race, is a popular women’s only race series held in several cities throughout the United States.  This race would be no different, and it filled to capacity fairly quickly.  There was a waiting list of about a thousand women that they took and were able to accomodate, once they got the “okay” from the city.

I wasn’t going to run this race. Remember, I was initially just merely suggesting races for my friend, Melinda, to run. I never believed that Rosie would sign up to run though! Not only that, but I had injured myself two weeks prior in Calistoga by running on uneven pavement.  I really tweaked my ankles running that one. So I was *this* close to bailing out on them.  But … I did not.

My Diva Race outfit!

Fast forward to one week before the race.  Rosie bails out as she has overbooked her schedule and has been working so much overtime to fund her daughter’s Quinceneira.  She tells me that she wants to give her bib away.  Easy … so I ask Cory to run with me, and she’s “IN.” But at the last minute decided that her heart was not in it and eventually bowed out …

My friend, Linda, had initially sold her bib, but in the end wound up running after all.  She wanted to run. She needed to run. And it worked out for her so that she could run, and even had a friend who asked her to stay with her in SF! Talk about twists of fate!

Melinda and I.
Linda and I …
Richelle and Linda!

I rode up to San Francisco, really it was the city of Burlingame, not San Francisco with my friend, Melinda, who is an awesome, badass runner!  This would be her third half, but her times are amazing!  The drive up was uneventful and conversation was nice. We lucked out with parking as we were able to find close parking to the hotel where Linda and her friend were staying!  We were fortunate enough to meet Rischell, Linda’s friend, who is an awesome runner.

Sea of PINK!!!

After our pre-race primping, we made our way down to the start where we were greeted by a sea of women dressed in – what else – PINK!!! It was somewhat nauseating, but it was, after all, the Diva Run, so it was expected that women would come decked out in their best Diva running outfits!

The run itself was not a bad run.  It reminded me a lot of running Alameda’s See Jane Run.  Flat, fun, and mostly all women.  As I was running with Linda, who was 2 weeks post full marathon, I knew it would be a good run because we dubbed ourselves “Gimp and Limp.” The first mile was somewhat rough for me – just trying to get my footing, and making sure that my ankle supports would hold up.  (Let me tell you, BOTH ankles were ace wrapped, had ankle supports, and had calf compression sleeves on!)  Once I got my footing, it was an uneventful first half.  By the turnaround, I had to remove the left ankle support, it felt slightly “off,” and felt as if it would fare better if I just removed it.

Mile 7.5, I was belting out songs to my running partner, Linda.  Mile 8 was the “water” incident – where they ran out of water and were scooping it out of a large community barrel.  When Linda asked where the water was from, the volunteer, who thought he was funny, stated, “The Porta Potty!”  Ugh. Stupid!

Miles 9 and 10 were getting rougher for Gimp and Limp.  I was starting to feel pain in my right foot.  Linda had to stop a few times, but we continued to  plug away.

I lost Linda somewhere at around mile 10.5.  I turned around and Linda was no where to be seen.  I’m thinking she stopped somewhere and didn’t yell out to me?!? Aaaah. I dunno.  All I knew was that I was alone with the tunes on my iPod …

At mile 11, I had had enough.  I wanted it to be over with so I began to pick up my pace despite the throbbing pain in my foot. It was still tolerable, and really, really wanted to be off the course.  The temps were starting to rise, and it was gettin’ HOT. Oh. My. God!  I believe that Mellie Mel caught up to me at mile 11.5 – I felt a tap on my shoulder and was surprised to see her because I believed that she would be way ahead of me!

Diva Row. – Complete with Tiara, Boa, Medal!
Melinda, Richelle, Linda, & I … Post Race DIVAS!!!

It was a lot of work to get to the finish for me.  I remember grabbing my tiara and boa at around mile 12.5, but I was workin’ hard to maintain.  I was happy to be finished! I went thru the nutrition line and got my post race food on! I was so hungry, but I lost Mel. I did find Melinda and Richelle, and then Linda without incident.  We were all happy to be finished.

Overall, I enjoyed the run, but I don’t believe that I’ll run it again.  Although I did enjoy the company of my friends, I’m not that fond of running with ALL women. I ran injured, but it was okay because I was

Linda & I – I believe that we both wanted to kill ourselves after that run!

pretty careful and I ran slowly.  I felt as if I could run slightly faster, but I really didn’t want to push it.  I truly enjoyed running with my friend, singing out loud, and just chillin’.  There really wasn’t anything “exciting” about running thru industrial Burlingame, nor was it pleasing to run to the smell of early morning ocean smell … LOL! I thought that the tiara and the boa was a nice touch that my daughter would enjoy, and she did!  =)  Thank you, Diva Run, for bringing me closer to my friends, for reminding me that I’m not alone, and that my friends ARE important.

Post race Diva bling!

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