2013 Racing Schedule

I am still in awe that November is just about to end, and that 2012 is about to come to a close.  I swear that I just started planning and writing in my 2012 planner, and now I’ve already purchased and began to write in my 2013 planner. Yes, that IS correct … I have a paper calendar. I like my paper organization. I like to write things down, it makes things more tangible for me. Sure, I like electronic organization also, but when it comes to goal setting and date planning, I like to be able to write it down and see it.  Besides that … I actually like my penmanship. Don’t judge.

I haven’t decided yet just exactly how much racing that I want to do for 2013. I’m not sure if I want to do one race a month, or just run sporadically.  So far, I’m thinking one/month works for me right now just because in 2012 we were running ALL OVER the place ALL THE TIME it seemed like. It was fun, but on the other hand it was a lot of work and I have a few kiddos that I have to think about here! Maybe 13 for 2013, I don’t know. We’ll see. I’ll play it by ear and see what happens. 

What I’ve learned about myself is that I truly enjoy trail running.  I love the feeling of running thru different terrain and up and down hills, so my hope is to do more trail running instead of road races which tends to put a lot of pressure on the joints in my feet. 

This is what I have planned out so far …

January – I’m thinking that I’ll do the Brazen Racing Series again for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  I really found those two races to be challenging and actually a lot of fun. It’s the same course, but we run in opposite directions.  Plus, there is the lure of the really cool bling bling! That’s always a nice incentive! Of course I’ll run Stockton’s California 10 the 10K again. That’s a nice COLD 10K run after working all night.

February – I’m registered to run the “tiny” half marathon in Galt, CA. Galt?! I know, right … Galt, Califonia! The race is in memory of “Tiny,” an infant who had a congenital heart defect (CHD) in an effort to raise awareness for U.C. Davis’ Mended Little Hearts Program. I’m looking for races close to home here, people! Also I really liked Brazen Racing’s Bay Breeze Half Marathon last year, so if I can get that Friday off I’d really like to try and run that race again.

March – Of course I’m running Sacramento’s ShamrockN’ Half! That’s a nice fun run that my running bud, Mac, introduced me to. I like that race. The venue is fun! Also in March, I plan to run Stockton’s Shamrock Shuffle 5K. It was the one and only 5K that I have ever raced in my entire running career and I really liked it!

April – I’m contemplating running Ragnar Relay So. Cal with my original group. I’m late getting back to them as to whether or not I’ll run but … I think I want to do it again. As far as individual races I haven’t found any yet.

May – I was lucky to have gotten a discounted entry to a race in Santa Cruz called Surfer’s Path. It looks like a really fun race, and plus it’s at the beach so how could I resist?

June – Nothing yet.

July – Nothing yet. Maaaaaybeee the S.F. Marathon Second Half again. Not sure.

August – Nothing yet. Contemplating Brazen’s Summer Breeze Half Marathon.

SeptemberRagnar Relay, Napa Valley and the Half Moon Bay International Marathon, of course! Not 100% about doing another Ragnar, but never say never, right?

October – Rock N’ Roll San Jose, Nike Womens Marathon, St. Joseph’s Stockton Half Marathon. This time I really want to run the Tarantula Run! That race sounds like a lot of FUN! Crazy, but fun.

November – Nothing yet.

December – Nothing yet. Maybe the CIM Relay. I really enjoyed that race.

2013 is going to be another GREAT year. There are soooo many race venues that I want to experience. I’m not as crazy as some of my running friends. I’m crazy, yes, but not as obsessed as they are.  There are a lot of other things that I desire to do other than solely running so I plan to pick and choose my races wisely this year and I plan and have a lot of FUN!!!

You ready to come along for the ride … errr … the run? If so then let’s train HARD, train SMART, eat WELL, and let’s go have some FUUUNNNN!!!

It’s Septemberrrrrr …

Believe in yourself and start … Put one foot in front of the other and gooooo!

It’s September and you know what that means for me … I’m supposed to start running again. And I don’t mean just running … I mean RUNNING! I’ve got a really rigid and FULL racing schedule that starts in a week!  A WEEK!!! EEK!

Love this little bit of motivation.

Wow … That being said … Let me tell you that I’m NOT ready.  I’m not 100% healed.  My poor right foot still aches at times and I feel bad that it’s not completely healed up.  I have seriously rested it as much as possible, and have been faithfully going to see my Accupuncturist, and my Chiropractor.  I’ve been using my H-Wave, pain patches, and what not.  Let me say this … If I get my insert in my shoe just right, then I have NO issues and absoulutely NO pain. I just have to figure out how to do it so that my insert doesn’t slide around in my shoe and stays put while I’m running. I have a lot of work to do still to get my foot to 100%, but I’m okay. I can do this!

Other than that … Life is good.  I had a great August off from racing. I have been focused on CrossFit and training with my stellar trainer, spinning here and there, and like I said, just working on healing up my foot.  But September is here and this is what I have coming up in the next few weeks …

This says it all … Just Run!

Yeah … I know … Reading it makes me tired! But I love it. I love the atmosphere of racing – even though I’m not a “racer,” just a runner enjoying the venue and atmosphere. I love the race signs, the crowd support, the cheering and motivation. It’s just fun to be there.  I used to say that I loved the bling, but honestly, I’m not completely in it anymore for the bling as they just hang there on my wall … =)

I have NO room for negativity in my life.

In other news … I got my first “hate” comment on my blog.  For obvious reasons, I chose not to approve the comment and let it remain in limbo.  Someone “Anonymous” was quite unhappy with me that I took credit for my friend winning the NWM entry, and then went to say that I should not have won or even entered in the first place.  Because I did enter, this individual basically stated that I was full of myself, not a good friend for entering a contest that my friend who really wanted to win was in, and that I didn’t deserve a the entry I had won into the NWM. Ah, I’m not going to dwell on it.  Whoever it was, thank you for your opinion although it was not warranted.

Moving forward … I’m looking forward to the next upcoming weeks. I am truly thankful to be able to run and participate in some awesome events and running with friends.  My youngest son has been convinced by his friend to join the H.S. Cross Country team.  I’m secretly happy for this choice. I was on my H.S. Cross Country team.  My boys have been so busy with their activities – baseball, basketball, school, etc.  My daughter has found a love in CrossFit209 Kids. I’m happy for that! And … my husband has made a conscious choice to amp up his training and has also added CrossFit into his regime! You don’t even know how extremely happy I am about this!  I love working out beside him! He’s the best!  I have and lead a great life and I am thankful for everything that I have been blessed with.

Okay … I better get going and planning out and packing up for the next few weeks.  You ready? Who’s with me? Let’s goooooo!

Row.’s 2012 Racing Schedule

It’s hard to believe that it’s already OCTOBER!!!  Yeeee Haaawww!! It’s my most FAVORITE month ever!!!  But it’s also time to get my 2012 Racing Schedule in check.  I’m excited, but yet, I know that I don’t really have a strong desire to run that much at all.  I do have races that I want to run, and I know that I will run, but I know that I will sign up for races as they come up and not so far out in advance unless I know that it’s a race that I want to and will run!

Sooooo … with that being said … let me tell you what’s on my mind, and what I’m filling my running plate up with right this second … Here we goooooo ….


Pajama Jam 2 Mile Run, Stockton, CA, January 1.  It’s a crazy midnight run in which runners run 2 in their pajamas.  I had so much fun running last year, except I ran in a negligee and it was FREEZING cold!!!  This year I’m running with my friends, Alexis and Becky, and we’re planning to wear a Forever Lazy!

Brazen New Year’s Day Half Trail Trail Run, Lake Chabot, CA.  I can’t believe that I’m going to run this crazy race again.  Last year was fun, but it was cold and wet.  I’m hoping for another good run and to just have some fun.  It’ll be a good way to start our year off!  Mind you, that Alexis, Becky, and I are running Brazen’s New Year’s Eve Run the day before, so this will be an interesting, but fun run.

California 10 Miler, Stockton, CA.  I ran the 10K after working all night last year and had a lot of fun.  I’ll consider running it again.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  Com’mon, it’s Nike … Who wouldn’t?  I’m in, are you?

Tracy Half Marathon, Tracy, CA.  This is a new race and I’m hoping that it works out.  I’m excited to run close to home.  I’m excited that more races are being held close to home.  It should be a nice, fun, flat run.  I’m looking forward to it!

Tough Mudder, Phoenix, Arizona, January 14

Rock n’ Roll Arizona, January 15

This sounds pretty ambitious … to do Tough Mudder on Saturday, then run the RnR AZ Half on Sunday.  It sounds ambitious, but I know that it’s so doable.  It’s crazy, but I am entertaining the thought and I am seriously considering doing this  ** While it was fun to entertain the thought, it’s sad that it’s not going to happen. I thought about it.  Chris said I should go, but in the end, it was just a tad unjustifiable.  I would love to have run in AZ with my friend, Audrey.  We’ll have to plan another day. 

***Update 1/8/12***  I AM running Rock N’Roll Arizona!!!  My husband, who loves me soooo much, planned my trip with my friends, Erika and Audrey!  How cool is that?  He got my ticket for $10, and my entry fee was only $75!!!  Yippeeee!  So, I’ll be flying out on Friday to meet my friend, Audrey, whom I’ll be staying with, and running with both she and Erika on Sunday!  Thanks so much, My Love!!!


No races scheduled yet.  Last year I ran Davis Stampede and I absolutely hated it.  I have no plans to run yet this month.

**Update** My February schedule now includes the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in San Francisco, CA on 2/05/12.  I’ve run this race twice before, however, was not considering running this race because of the fact that there is NO bling.  No medals!  For real?  This is a health care company that continuously promotes the slogan “Thrive.”  Kaiser Permanente encourages it’s employees and members to “find their motivation,” however they don’t seem to understand that a medal (a.k.a. “bling”) is a form of motivation, nor do they offer their employees a discount on their sponsored events.  I’m not happy with that.  But … I’ll run because my friends are running and I want to be with them, and I’ll just continue to express my discontent with Kaiser.  Sorry, KP, but it’s true … Medals are a motivator, as are employee discounts.


Shamrock’n Half, Sacramento, CA.  I’ve run this with Mac 2 years in a row and it’s a fun run through the city of Sacramento.

Oakland Running Festival, Oakland, CA.  I am running Oakland!  I know, right?  Oakland!  I’m excited.  =)

April:  Last year I ran Santa Cruz Half.  The year before, I ran Pescadero’s Artichoke Half, and I have to say that I love running in this area.  I’m just not sure which race I’ll run, or if I’ll run at all this month.

Update:  I am running Running of The Elks Half, Elk Grove, CA.  It’ll be Elk Grove’s first half marathon, and it’s not that far away from my home.  It’s perfect, although I know that running the beaches of Santa Cruz would’ve been much funner!  It’s okay though.  I’m happy to run in Elk Grove.  I’m going to try and talk my boys into running the relay.  That should be interesting.

Hollywood Half Marathon, Hollywood, CA.  Run with the stars?  Lured by a beautiful girl?  Okay … I’ll go!  Hubster says its okay to go run with Shiloh and Penny!  Horray for Hollywood!!!  I wanted to run this, but it’s not gonna happen.  I’m still hopeful, but not so sure.  We’ll see. 


Indy Festival 500 Mini Marathon, Indianapolis, IN.  I ran this race last year and loved it.  The plan is to run it again this year, but plans change especially when the race is so far away from home.  But you never know.

Fresno California Classic Weekend Half Marathon, Fresno, CA.  I am a Legacy Runner for this race.  I loved running it last year with Penny and Kristy.  It was fun.  I loved running through the Fresno Zoo.

Run To Eradicate Polio 10K, Stockton, CA.  I ran this 10K after working all night last year and had a blast.  It was fun.


See Jane Run, Alameda, CA. I still like this race and running for chocolate business.  If I run it, it will be my third year in a row.


I got nothin’ for ya.  Last year I ran the DavisMoo-nlight Run and hated it, and I ran the SF Marathon First Half.  I have no desire to run in Davis,CA or the San Francisco Marathon at all.  Not even for that bling that they have advertised.

Update:  I am “IN” for the S.F. Marathon, Second Half.  I know that I said I wasn’t going to run SF, but I decided that I would.  I need to to get over whatever it is that I need to get over.  I need some sort of redemption from this race since my race last year sucked so much.  I am hoping for a good, happy run.  To just have fun and do what I need to do.  =)


S.F. Giant’s Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA.  I loved this race.  It was the funnest race ever!

Keep Moving Forward 10K, Riverbank, CA.  A fun run to help aid those with visual problems/blindness.  I like this race because it’s literally right across the street from my Mother-in-Law’s house!


Half Moon Bay International Marathon, HMB, CA, September 23.  I am a Legacy Runner for this race.  I loved this race so much last year and I can’t wait to run it again!!!


Muddy Buddy, San Jose, CA.  This race is a duathalon and my partner for the last 5 years has been a beautiful girl named Rosie.  This race is fun and crazy!  We have enjoyed it so much that we keep going back over and over again!

Nike Women’s Marathon, San Francisco, CA.  My first marathon was the NWM.  It’s now become a tradition for me to run and raise funds for the Lymphoma/Leukemia Society.

Stockton, Half Marathon, Stockton, CA.  I’m a Legacy Runner for this race. It’s a nice little home town race.

Morgan Hill Half Marathon, Morgan Hill, CA.  I’m not sure why I registered for this half.  I know that it got good reviews.  I know that it sounded fun.  I also got it at a discounted rate at over 50%.  I know, I know … not a good idea sometimes, but … =)  I know I’ll have fun regardless!  =)


Two Cities Half Marathon, Fresno, CA.  

Run To Feed The Hungry 10K, Stockton, CA.  It’s become tradition for me to get my turkey in the oven in the morning, run the race, then come home and finish up what I need to do to get Thanksgiving dinner done and ready to eat!


Walnut Creek Half Marathon, Walnut Creek, CA.  This was a nice race despite being cold, and the angry drivers, and backed up traffic.  I really enjoyed running it, especially the really nice 2.5 mile uphill run!  =)  I can’t wait to run 2012!

Operation Jack Satellite 10K, Virtual.  This is a virtual/satellite run that can be run anywhere.  I love this run.  I love helping my friend, Sam Felsenfeld, and his son Jack and raising awareness for Autism.

2011 was an ambitious year for me.  So far it’s only October and I have already run 13 half marathons, 3 10Ks, and one 10 miler.  I have yet to finish off the year with the races that I have scheduled … 1 duathalon, 4 half marathons, 1 10K, and one full marathon!!!  =)  As much as I have enjoyed running, it has been known to burden me and caused me to quit many times.  When that happens, I know that I need to let go and take a step back for a minute.

My 2012 schedule is equally as ambitious.  I say that I’m not going to run, but I know that I will … I’m easily presuaded.  It’s all good.  Running has been my passion for such a long time that for me to stop would be somewhat of a shock to my body.  Also, I know that I will be training hard doing other things besides running.  I’m excited for the year to come.  An ambitious schedule and a touch of insanity works for me … Wheeeee … Who’s coming with me?  Let’s gooooo …. !!!

2011 Racing Schedule

For someone who recently stated that, “I don’t ever want to run again,”  it’s quite funny that I already have a FULL, and slightly ambitious racing schedule for 2011!!!  Running has become such a BIG part of my life, and it has evolved into a life of it’s own.  Everything is tentative, nothing is set in stone.  All I know is I am going to run!!!  Who’s coming with me?!?  I know Mac’s (@lincsmomruns) comin’ with me for most of these runs, as she is my ever faithful friend and running buddy!  Who else???  Let’s gooooo …. !!!

***  Please, if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know.  I’d love to run with you!!! ***


01 January 2011: Resolutions Run, Auburn, CA. I did this run with my friend, Mac, last year to commemorate our lofty goal of running a half a month.  It was fun even though I got lost on the trail and added an extra mile to my run!  This was a great way to start our year together!

01 January 2011: Fleet Feet Stockton 2011 Pajama Jam This will be one of the first years that I’ll be off on New Year’s Eve … I plan to attend this crazy 2011 kick off and run in my pajamas at the stroke of midnight!  It’s a quick 2 mile jaunt around Stockton’s Lincoln Center.  It’ll be fun … come with me!   ** I am  “IN” for this fun run!!! **

02 January 2011: Brazen Racing New Year Run, Lake Chabot, CA. I would rather do this one, versus the Resolutions Run.  I haven’t made up my mind yet though.  It sounds like fun, so maybe.  Yeah, and don’t say, “Why don’t you do both, Row.?”  ***Update***  I am “IN” for this race!

09 January 2011:  California 10, Stockton, CA. This race benefits Parkinson’s disease.  It’s a 10 mile run, but  I’m only going to run the 10K because I work the night before.  I’m just happy that I’ll be out there with friends.  =)

29 January 2011: Coyote Hills Half Marathon, Coyote Hills Regional Park, CA. It’s another race put on by Brazen Racing … I just know that I want to run, and it’s on my weekend off.  Gotta take advantage of that! Decided not to run this after all … I have to find some time to let my poor foot heal.


06 February 2011: Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA. Reasons to consider this run even though I *really* don’t want to:  1.  @runnrgrl will be in town and she asked me, and, 2.  because I work for KP.  I don’t really care to run this one again because of the fact that there is NO bling!!!  It seems shallow, but it’s true.  I’m all about the bling these days!

06 February 2011:  Surf City Half Marathon, Malibu, CA. This sounds like the race to run.  Plus, you get a really cool Surf Board medal.  It’s all about the bling, ‘eh?

06 February 2011:  Davis Stampede, Davis, CA.  As we did not want to do Kaiser Half because, honestly, I don’t like it, and because there’s no bling, we decided to to this half instead.  It sounds like fun, and it’s different because we have not run this one before.  I’m excited to run this one, and Chris will be running the 10K which I heard was a good one to run.


13 March 2011:  Shamrock’n Half Marathon, Sacramento, CA. This race in Sac, is such a fun run!  I enjoyed it and can’t wait to run it in 2011.  This will be Chris’ first half marathon.  How exciting for him!!!  ** “IN” for this one and so is Chris!**

29 March 2011:  Big Sur Mud Run, Monterey, CA. This sounds like super fun!!!  I love mud runs!


10 April 2011: U.S. Half-Marathon, San Francisco, CA. This is actually the second half of another half-marathon that was held in October 2010.  If I would have known, I would have run that one also, however, it was not to be because I didn’t know and didn’t register on time.  This run sounds like a good one.  I’m sure it’d definately be better than Pescadero despite Pescadero being very pretty!

10 April 2011: Artichoke Half Marathon, Pescadero, CA. It was a tsunami when we ran it last year, but it was a really nice course.  Plus, Big Al was a hoot!  Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that you get a medal and a large artichoke!

10 April 2011: Paso Robles Wine Country Runs, Paso Robles, CA. I want to run this one because my Twitter friends, @southbaygirl and @Ms_Torie, have been asking me to run with them and I *really* do want to run with them.  It’s not that far away, and Chris says we can make a weekend out of it.  I’m leaning towards this one despite the fact that I have no run scheduled with Mac.

15-16 April 2011:  Ragnar Relay – So. California, Hunnington Beach to Coronado Island. I think that this would be such a great event to be a part of.  I remember my friend Ali (@alitherunner) telling me all about her experience last year and she had so much fun.  If it’s possible to get a team together I’d really like to run this! I wanted to run this, but it’s not happening.  Too many things going on!

16 April 2011:  Great Spear It Run, Stockton, CA. I’ve always run the 5 mile run that they have, but there’s a 5K also.  It’s in downtown Stockton, and the Asparagus Festival is really cool. I have to work the night before and the night of, so this little race is out.

10 April 2011: Santa Cruz Half Marathon, Santa Cruz, CA. It was kinda difficult to decide for an April race, but since Mac “inherited” a bib from one of her friends who bailed out on this race, we decided to run this.  Also, it’s my chance to meet @solorunner and @banksy from Twitter.  I love Santa Cruz.  It’s so pretty and I love The Boardwalk.  I remember running here for Wharf to Wharf several times in the past – and it’s such a great atmosphere!  =)


01 May 2011:  OKC Memorial Marathon/Half Marathon, Oklahoma City, OK. I know, this race is not in Cali.  The only reason why I am considering this race is because my Twitter friends, Kris (@seekrisrun), and Mel (@SeeMelTri). **Sorry, I can’t run this one because of the fact that I’ll be travelling to Indianappolis the next week.  Maybe next year?

07 May 2011:  Indy 500 Mini Marathon, Indianapolis, IN. I really have a strong desire to run this half.  My brother lives in Indy and I’m not sure how long he’ll be there.  It sounds like so much fun to take a victory lap around the actual Indy 500 track!  **Update*** I am “IN” for this race.  I registered and have my confirmation.  Indianapolis … look out … here comes Row. =)

22 May 2011: Fresno Classic Eye Q Half, Fresno, CA. I’m looking forward to running this one since my boy lives in Fresno.  I know, “It’s Fresno and it’s gonna be HOT.”  But … I don’t care.  I think it’ll be fun.  I’ve heard that this weekend is a great weekend – lots of fun!  I was able to talk @southbaygirl and @LindaV1959 and my friend, Mellie Mel, to run with me!    **I’m registered and “IN” for this one!!!**

30 May 2011:  Inaugural Stockton Rotary 5 & 10K, Stockton, CA.  It’ll be fun to run in the city that I live in.  It’s for a good cause … to eradicate Polio, which in some third world countries they don’t have the resources or the funds for the vaccination that we take for granted here in the U.S.  I plan to run the 10K, it may be a little rough though as I will be working the night before.


04 June 2011:  Nitro Trail Half Marathon, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, CA. This may have to be the Half to run as SJR changed the day of their race to Sunday.  **I’m “IN” for this one.**

05 June 2011: See Jane Run Half Marathon, Alameda, CA. I wasn’t going to run this one, but a crazy thought popped in my head and I want to see if I can handle running back to back half marathons.  I registered at the last minute with a discount code.  Stand by for race reports.

05 June 2011:  Muddy Buddy Duathalon, San Jose, CA. I have done this Duathalon for a few years now, and every year it’s just as fun, if not funner for me! Muddy Buddy moved to October … =(

11 June 2011:  Lake Tahoe Relay, Lake Tahoe, CA. I wanted to run this last year when a friend of mine asked me to be on their team, but I couldn’t get the weekend off.  Maybe this year I can get a team together and run it!


Bad Bass Half Marathon, Lake Chabot, CA. Not sure what the date is for this one.  The link is to last year’s (2010) race.  Haha … I thought this event was called “Bad Ass” at first.  As soon as I find out the date I’ll know more if I can do this race or not.

16 July 2011:  Davis Moo-nlight Half Marathon.  A night run with glow in the dark medals?  Heck yeah.  I’m *IN* for this half.  Sounds like a fun run!

31 July 2011:  San Francisco Marathon/Half Marathon. @Alitherunner and @erikarae74 have talked me into running this one.  I’m looking forward to it!  =)


13-14 August 2011:  Extraterrestrial Full Moon Marathon/Half, Rachel, NV. Now this sounds like FUN!!!  Running in the DARK near mysterious Area 51!  And the chance to encounter E.T.?  Yeah!!!  I know, I’m crazy, but it sounds like sooooo much fun!!! It’s the same day as Modesto Midnight.  =(

13 August 2011:  Modesto Midnight Half Marathon, Modesto, CA. I’m not sure if the date is correct, I’m hoping that it is.  The link is for Active’s 2010 sign up.  Sorry.  I like this race.  It’s fun, and it marks the Runniversary for Mac and I.  There’s a lot of things that need to be fixed/improved, but to me it’s a fun run because I like to run in the dark!  ** Note:  It’s not certain yet if this half marathon will happen again.  We are still awaiting word from Fleet Feet Stockton, and On Your Mark Events.

27 August 2011:  The Giant Race – Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA.  I love the SF Giants.  Sounds like a good race so I thought I’d sign up.  =)  I’m kind of excited to run in SF and finish up on the field.


04 September 2011:  Disneyland Half Marathon, Anaheim, CA. This one sounds like fun!  Running with the characters, and just having fun.  **I’m “IN” for this one, and so is Chris!**

24 September 2011:  Fall Showdown Half Marathon, El Sobrante, CA. I really enjoyed this trail half.  I had a lot of fun, and discovered that I truly enjoy running on a trail!  I’m not sure if the date is correct, and the link is to WolfPack Events, the organizer off the marathon.  ** Note not sure about the date.  Standby.


16 October 2011:  Nike Women’s Marathon, San Francisco, CA. This was the first BIG race that I ever signed up for and it holds a lot of sentimental value to me, and I have fundraised every year for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society for this race as “Team Running For Dad.”   However, I have yet to conquer this marathon and “truly” be happy about it.  I already have a guaranteed spot to this race, but I have to decide whether to run the full marathon or the half marathon.  I plan on registering to get another Group ID number, so for anyone who wants to be in my group … Let’s go!  I’m **IN** for the Half Marathon.  I decided that the full was not the run for me, but the half … I love the half! =)

22 October 2011:  Los Vaqueros Tarantula Half Marathon, Brentwood, CA. My friend, Ron (@punkrockrunner) told me about this one, however I was still recovering from the NWM so I could not run it this year.  I would love to run it in 2011 though.

23 October 2011:  Port City Half Marathon, Stockton, CA. There’s talk about another half in Stockton, CA, and this is it.  There’s no information on it yet, but it looks pretty definite.  How exciting for us.

30 October 2011:  Down and Dirty Mud Run, Folsom, CA. This was the perfect way to get my running mojo back this year and I can’t wait to run it again in 2011!!!  I had so much fun!


06 November 2011:  Fresno Marathon/Half, Fresno, CA. If I do decide to run a full marathon in 2011, this may be the one I would consider running.  If not, then I may just run the half as everyone says that it’s a great race to run!

06 November 2011:  U.S. Half, San Francisco, CA. I heard about this too late this year, otherwise, I would have signed up for it.  It sounds like a great time running across the Golden Gate Bridge!

13 November 2011:  Stockton Half Marathon, Stockton, CA. Not sure if this race will happen again in 2011 yet or not as 2010 was the inagural race (at the time of this writing, I have yet to run it).  It’s a hometown race for me, so I feel obligated to run it.

24 November 2011:  Run To Feed The Hungry 10K, Stockton, CA. Fast, fun 10K to run on Thanksgiving morning after I put the turkey in the oven!  =)


04 December 2011:  CIM Relay, Sacramento, CA. or California International Marathon, Sacramento, CA. I believe that if this there is one marathon that I run this year, this will be it.  I liked the course, I enjoyed the venue and the expo.  I have talked Cory into running it with me, and Mac already wants to run this as her full.  I also believe that Chris will get a team together to run the relay.  =)  I’m **IN** for the FULL!!!  Let the training begin in July.

10 December 2011:  Run Walnut Creek Half Marathon, Walnut Creek, CA. This is gonna be a rough one since I’m running a full the week before.  But this needs to be done in order to get the NorcalHalfSeries Medal!!!  I’m gonna run it even if it kills me!!!  LOL!!  I CAN do it.  I will do it.  It’ll be the last one for the year … Until 2 weeks later … Oi!