2013 Racing Schedule

I am still in awe that November is just about to end, and that 2012 is about to come to a close.  I swear that I just started planning and writing in my 2012 planner, and now I’ve already purchased and began to write in my 2013 planner. Yes, that IS correct … I have a paper calendar. I like my paper organization. I like to write things down, it makes things more tangible for me. Sure, I like electronic organization also, but when it comes to goal setting and date planning, I like to be able to write it down and see it.  Besides that … I actually like my penmanship. Don’t judge.

I haven’t decided yet just exactly how much racing that I want to do for 2013. I’m not sure if I want to do one race a month, or just run sporadically.  So far, I’m thinking one/month works for me right now just because in 2012 we were running ALL OVER the place ALL THE TIME it seemed like. It was fun, but on the other hand it was a lot of work and I have a few kiddos that I have to think about here! Maybe 13 for 2013, I don’t know. We’ll see. I’ll play it by ear and see what happens. 

What I’ve learned about myself is that I truly enjoy trail running.  I love the feeling of running thru different terrain and up and down hills, so my hope is to do more trail running instead of road races which tends to put a lot of pressure on the joints in my feet. 

This is what I have planned out so far …

January – I’m thinking that I’ll do the Brazen Racing Series again for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  I really found those two races to be challenging and actually a lot of fun. It’s the same course, but we run in opposite directions.  Plus, there is the lure of the really cool bling bling! That’s always a nice incentive! Of course I’ll run Stockton’s California 10 the 10K again. That’s a nice COLD 10K run after working all night.

February – I’m registered to run the “tiny” half marathon in Galt, CA. Galt?! I know, right … Galt, Califonia! The race is in memory of “Tiny,” an infant who had a congenital heart defect (CHD) in an effort to raise awareness for U.C. Davis’ Mended Little Hearts Program. I’m looking for races close to home here, people! Also I really liked Brazen Racing’s Bay Breeze Half Marathon last year, so if I can get that Friday off I’d really like to try and run that race again.

March – Of course I’m running Sacramento’s ShamrockN’ Half! That’s a nice fun run that my running bud, Mac, introduced me to. I like that race. The venue is fun! Also in March, I plan to run Stockton’s Shamrock Shuffle 5K. It was the one and only 5K that I have ever raced in my entire running career and I really liked it!

April – I’m contemplating running Ragnar Relay So. Cal with my original group. I’m late getting back to them as to whether or not I’ll run but … I think I want to do it again. As far as individual races I haven’t found any yet.

May – I was lucky to have gotten a discounted entry to a race in Santa Cruz called Surfer’s Path. It looks like a really fun race, and plus it’s at the beach so how could I resist?

June – Nothing yet.

July – Nothing yet. Maaaaaybeee the S.F. Marathon Second Half again. Not sure.

August – Nothing yet. Contemplating Brazen’s Summer Breeze Half Marathon.

SeptemberRagnar Relay, Napa Valley and the Half Moon Bay International Marathon, of course! Not 100% about doing another Ragnar, but never say never, right?

October – Rock N’ Roll San Jose, Nike Womens Marathon, St. Joseph’s Stockton Half Marathon. This time I really want to run the Tarantula Run! That race sounds like a lot of FUN! Crazy, but fun.

November – Nothing yet.

December – Nothing yet. Maybe the CIM Relay. I really enjoyed that race.

2013 is going to be another GREAT year. There are soooo many race venues that I want to experience. I’m not as crazy as some of my running friends. I’m crazy, yes, but not as obsessed as they are.  There are a lot of other things that I desire to do other than solely running so I plan to pick and choose my races wisely this year and I plan and have a lot of FUN!!!

You ready to come along for the ride … errr … the run? If so then let’s train HARD, train SMART, eat WELL, and let’s go have some FUUUNNNN!!!

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