Giving Thanks

I am not sure that I could possibly thank everyone or everything that has gotten me to this point in my running endeavors, however, I will do the best that I can to give as much thanks for all that I have received.

I am thankful for my friends who run with me – be it virtually via Twitter or FaceBook, or beside me in real life.  My friends cheer me on, motivate me, and pick me up when I’ve had a bad run or a bad day.  They make suggestions, answer my questions,  listen to my whining, and remind me that I CAN do this, that I GOT this!  For those who run with me in real life – thank you for trusting me and allowing me to run with you.  I will always do the best that I can to motivate and inspire you, and I would never leave you behind.  I am thankful for the time that we can spend together as we run.

I have to give a special “Thank You” shout out to my running buddy, Mac (a.k.a. The MACHine) Donahoo.  We just celebrated our one year Runniversary.  In 2010 we have run a race together every month.  She is the Laverne to my Shirley.  She amuses me.  She is “real.”  She is an awesome runner who also happens to be a good wife, mother, friend, RT.  She never lets me get down on myself.  We live 1.5 hours apart, and train virtually together, but every month we get together and crank out a Half.

I am thankful for my Coach, SpeedySasquatch.  Before I even signed on, he answered my silly questions and gave me various suggestions on running.  He welcomed me into his team.  He is patient with me as I doubt myself, and reminds me that “it’s” inside of me and that he will bring out the Bad Ass Runner that he knows dwells in the depths of my being (why don’t I know that its there?).   I trust the training as I have watched myself transform and improve in the short amount of time that I have been training under him.  He is always encouraging, and never lets me get down on myself.  I am a believer.  He is worth every cent that I pay him.  I am so grateful that Ali (@alitherunner), Linda (@MsV1959), and Shannon (@hendy2) suggested him!  He ROCKS!

Much mahalo (“Thank you” in Hawaiian) goes out to my friends from Aliamanu Intermediate, and Radford High School where I first learned about comraderie and team work.  Mahalo to my first real coach Thomas Chun – I have fond memories of him following us in his mustard colored Toyota as we ran our long distances.

I am thankful to my Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Crawford, who keeps my body in alignment.  I love the way it sounds when my spine clicks into place from C1 all the way down to my sacrum as I am manually adjusted.  Most people don’t care for manual adjustments and avoid the Chiropractor for that reason.  I run to my Chiropractor for this reason!!!

I am thankful to God for blessing me with a healthy body that is able to withstand and endure the “beatings” that I bestow upon it … I believe that it is amazing to be as “old” as I am, and to be able to still run, jump, punch, lift, push, pull, bend … to have NO health issues, and I have remained healthy, strong, and fit …  My body is one that has carried and delivered four healthy babies, has run thousands of miles, and at times has felt as if it has been put thru the wringer!  It is because I can still do all of these things, but more importantly because I can get up in the mornings that  I cannot complain.  I will not complain.

And last, but not least as this is the most important, I am thankful for my husband and family.  They are my rocks.  My hubby allows me to train as I need to.  He shoulders the brunt of the household duties that I let slide,  nurses me when I’m injured, has learned the art of taping, maps out running routes for me, rides alongside of me on my training runs, buys me gadgets, brings me to all of my races, sometimes also running in the shorter distance race … all without complaint.  My boys have accompanied me on my runs – sometimes on bike, sometimes by skateboard.  I have yet to get them to actually run beside me, but I’m slowly getting there.  They have endured my crankiness as I lose hours of sleep to get out there and run.  They know what I need to get out the door.  They tag along with me to races and most times they’re all there at the finish line waiting for me.  I have the best family ever, and I am truly blessed!!!

I lead a very blessed life, and I am truly thankful.