Marathon Training – Week 12 – Keeps Gettin’ Better

I love that when I let go of all expectations, doubt, anger, angst, frustration … everything in week 5, things just started to come together for me without me having to try.  Seriously … I threw my temper tantrum during the SF Half, cried for a minute when I got home, and decided to let it go because really there was nothing that I could do about it at all.  All I could do was realize that my running self was having a hard time, pray about it, and let the pieces fall as they may.  I couldn’t force myself to run, I could only hope that I could finish out the year.  But it was in that letting go that something happened.  For one, I decided that complaining was not going to make it any better.  I also decided that I was going to listen to me and MY body, not what everyone else was doing or saying.  It was a great choice because my training got better!  =)

I changed up my workouts in the beginning of September.  I decided to do more resistance training … and that was a GREAT move!  I now have a great trainer who not only trains my body, but talks to me and lets me know that I’m okay, that I CAN do many things that I originally believed that I couldn’t.  He’s working on making me a “Phenomenal Athlete.”  I like that.  He reminds me that it’s in me, that I am a BEAST.  When I wane, he’s harder on me.  I’m always asking, “Are you sure that I can do this (or that)?”  The answer is always a resounding, “Yes, Row.”  So I have learned to stop asking, to just suck it up and do the work, and get it done!  I watched myself in the mirror the other day and I caught a glimpse of what other people see.  I was amazed at the strength of my little body.  My trainer calls me a “Power House.”  I saw it.  There are times when I ask, “Really?”  And I know that the answer is always, “Without a doubt, really!”  Mind you, I have to work very hard to get the work done, but know that it gets DONE!

Sunday:  Oh Sunday … this weekend kicks my hiney!  Lots of excuses, but the only one I have is that I am truly exhausted beyond belief working that three in a row!  So … I did nothing!

Monday:  Monday was rough.  I was going to just skip out on any kind of morning workout whatsoever because of the fact that I had just worked a full three day weekend and it seriously kicked my butt.  Working those three days are hard enough, but couple it with being short staffed, and being completely busy … It was rough.  I didn’t workout at all over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).  It was all I could do to just get myself home and into bed.  But on Sunday, my workout buddy, Becky, sent me a text that read, “Let’s go workout at 0800!”  I explained to her that I was working a 12 hour night shift, and kinda whined a little, but in the end going to workout with Becky was something that I didn’t want to miss … Sooooo … I rushed myself out of work that morning, drove like a maniac down the freeway (because I was more than 25 mins away) to get there on time and guess what?!?  No Becky!  I almost just stayed in my car, and left, but I’m not like that.  I was already there, I may as well just get the work done!  So … The workout went down like this:

Run 800m
20 High Knees
20 Butt Kickers
20 Jacks

4 x 20 Back Squats (65#) with a 400m run in between each set

The Workout:
5 Min Rounds/AMRAP, 1 min rest in between rounds
#1 – 10 Pull Ups, Clean & Jerk Ladder
#2 – 2 Clean & Jerks, Burpee Lateral Jump Ladder
#3 – 3 Clean & Jerks, 3 Burpee Lateral Jumps, 6 Pull Ups

Let me tell you that after the second round of those back squats, I couldn’t feel my legs.  They were total jello.  Running was difficult.  When we got to the actual workout, I was wondering if I really had it in me. This workout kicked my ass so bad I dry heaved for an hour afterwards!!! An hour, seriously!  I finish all of the workouts and do the work, but damn, it’s rough some days. My trainer had to remind me that I had just finished working a 12 hour night shift with no rest so I still rocked it! I know I’m getting stronger.

Tuesday:  I love Tuesdays.  Not that I have a specific workout, I just like Tuesdays.  I hit the gym at 0900 and noticed that the parking lot was empty.  I mean, usually it’s FULL of cars that I fret that I won’t get a parking space.  But today it was empty.  Just me and a few peeps, which I thought would be cool … and it was until I looked at the board.  I shouldn’t have looked.  I should’ve just started my warm-up and got out of my head.  Instead, I took a peek, then I literally ran out of the building – well, you know, for my warm up run, of course!  Hello!

Warm Up:
Run 800 m

5 x 3 Strict Pushes (Overhead) after finding max weight. 55# was my max weight for today. I tried 65, but I could hardly get 2 up so I backed down.

The Workout:
3 Rounds, no rest in between
25 Wall Balls (14# ball)
25 Double Unders
25 GHD Sit Ups
25 Double Unders
25 KB Swing (35#)
25 Double Unders
400m Run

Today I learned a lot about myself.  I learned that I am stronger that I believe myself to be.  I doubted that I could do the 35lb kettlebell.  I complained that it was “too heavy.”  That’s always my big complaint.  And my trainer had to remind me, “It’s not, trust me.  Have you seen your guns lately?  They can handle it.”  Alrighty then.

This workout sucked.  It was literally the workout from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!  I barely finished round one and I was dying.  Round 2, I wanted to just up and quit.  Round 3, I said, “F– It!  Just get it done, Row.!”  Whoa!  It was hard.  Dang!  But I finished, and I finished with a feeling of accomplishment.  My trainer reminded me that it was all about finishing, gettin’ the job done.  And I did, 14# Wall Ball and 35# KB and all.  Those sucked!!!  LOL!  The entire workout sucked!

Wednesday:  I can feel my core.  It’s tight and it looks awesome.  But I’m tired today, so I decided to just lay low and lay down!  Hee hee hee!  Yep.  I’m calllin’ it a rest day.

Thursday:  I was lucky, and due to unforseen circumstances way beyond my control, I was able to leave work early and hit the 0700 class with my buddy, Becky! =) I was excited, then not so very excited when I saw the workout. LOL!

The Warm-Up: 800m Run, stretch. 15 of each:  Squats, Opposing heel reaches, Rock & Roll Ups, Jacks.

The Workout:
500m Row
50 Box Jumps
500m Row
50 Push-Ups
500m Row
50 Ring Dips
500m Row
50 Burpees
Run 1.5 miles

It doesn’t sound bad, but when you get to those burpees, it’s rough and I was thinking that I should just bust them out. The harder I tried, I tuckered faster. But I got it done. So it’s all good! =) A little tired from being up all night, but I. Am. DONE!!! I still love my trainer though!!!

Friday:  I’m pretty tore up!  My core is screaming soooo bad.  So I lay on the couch and rest my little tore up self.  I sent a text to my trainer and told him so, and he said that’s how I should be feeling after working out HARD all week!  Damn!

At the Expo! Never mind that I look like I'm 12!
Love my bib!

Saturday:  Another rest day.  Today Chris and I head out to Half Moon Bay for the Half Moon Bay International Marathon.  I’m running the half tomorrow.  Packet pick up was easy, fun, small.  We met some really nice people there.  Chris was able to register as a volunteer and then we hit the hotel before heading back to the dinner.

Sam's Chowder House in HMB
Our view from our table.
Our dinner table.

Dinner was at Sam’s Chowder House.  They offered an enormous Pasta Feed which included a menu of Ceasar Salad, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Seafood Pasta, Bolognese Pasta, or a Vegeterian Pasta choice, soft drinks, and lots of bread.  The atmosphere was very relaxing and peaceful outdoor venue.  The company was even better.  Chris and I were able to meet and mingle with the race director, and we met a lot of the staff who were helping with the marathon.  The food was to die for.  As it was buffet style, we were able to go back for seconds, or even thirds.  We were happy that we took advantage of this!

The rest of the evening was spent searching for a Starbucks for my customary Mocha which will be reheated in the morning, getting my race gear ready, and attempting to get a good night sleep.

As for the actual race … Yeah … it’s a Sunday post, so you’ll have to read about it in week 13’s post!  Don’t worry … It’s well worth the wait!  It’s been a good week for me, albeit somewhat short.  It’s all good though … I got some QUALITY workouts in.  =)

Next week brings the promise of a chance to start over if you need to.  If last week wasn’t the best, here’s your chance to make it better, start over, do better.  Nothing is impossible, and you are the only one that can make the necessary changes that you need to make.  Make up your own mind, and do what you need to do.

On another note, thanks to my friends, Shiloh, and Marci … I’m gonna have some shirts made for Running Code 3.  We decided that our motto is, “Suck It Up, and Do The Work!”  It should be awesome!  =)

Until next week, my running friends … Train hard.  Train Smart.  Eat well.  And most importantly, have FUN!!!  Catch ya’ll later!

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